Live with Moriarty

Part 5

by Demoness ( )

Moriarty: I did what you said. Shaved, changed my clothes. Now will you go out with me?

Lestrade: No.

Moriarty: Bloody hell! What does it take to get you to go out with me?

Lestrade: Moriarty...I would not go out with you if you offered me a trip to the Hawaian Islands!

Moriarty: *looks frustrated*

Holmes: *chuckles*

Moriarty: Stuff it Holmes. You're the reason she refuses!

Holmes: Huh? I do believe, old chap, that you have it all wrong. You are asking a lady of the law to date a man against the law.

Moriarty: Would you go out with me if I changed my profession?

Lestrade: No.

Moriarty: But!

Lestrade: Will you stop asking me out! Or I'll have to tazer you!

Holmes: He might like that...

Moriarty: *scowls*

Jill: *whispers* It's his temper

Fenwick: *nods* Oui, my love. Foi! I forgot! We're on the air

Moriarty: Fenwick! You did it again!

Fenwick: Sorry, Master

Demoness: Err...this is turning into a H/L M/L skit....must steer away.

Moriarty: *frustrated sigh and sits* Where were we, Holmes.

Holmes: You were telling me about your latest scheme in causing a headache for me and a yelling Grayson for Lestrade.

Moriarty: Right. You see I was planning on kidnapping the...wait a minute! Clever, Holmes, clever!

Holmes: The Queen?

Moriarty: How the deuce did you figure that out?

Holmes: I guessed.

Lestrade: But you never guess!

Holmes: OK, I didn't guess. I figured that the only way he's going to give me a headache and get Grayson to yell at you was if he kidnapped someone extremely important. And Her Majesty is extremely important.

Moriarty: Bunch of BS.

Holmes: *shrugs*

*beep beep*

Grayson: LESTRADE!!!

Lestrade: *groan* Yes, Chief!

Grayson: Get your arse over to headquarters now! And bring that detective with you! The Queen has been abducted!

Holmes: See.

Moriarty: I believe this is my cue to leave.

H & L: Where is she!?

Fenwick: Run, Master! *leaps on Holmes and tries to pound his head in*

Holmes: *flips Fenwick off him and into Jill as Moriarty runs away*

Jill: Ow! Oh! Fenny! *kisses his head* You ok?

Fenwick: Oui, mademoiselle! *passes out*

Lestrade: Get back here, Moriarty!!

Moriarty: You shall have to take a reign check, Yardie! *disappears through a escape route*

Holmes: *pushes on hidden door* Bloody hell! Quickly, outside and call Watson with the coach!


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