Live with Moriarty

Part 4

by Demoness ( )

Lestrade: Get away, egg face!

Fenwick: You stole my lines! I want them back!

Lestrade: *rolls eyes* You can have them back.

Fenwick: And now back to Live with Moriarty!

Moriarty: *stares dreamily at Lestrade*

Lestrade: What are you staring at, yak face?

Moriarty: Hmph! It's not like the old days anymore. You get no respect here.

Holmes: Perhaps you should change your profession?

Lestrade: And shave and change his clothes too

Moriarty: Forget it. I like my beard and clothes.

Lestrade: Then I'll keep calling you yak face.

Moriarty: *gets up and walks out* Fenwick, you're in charge.

Fenwick: Me? Oui, oui, oui! *jumps in Moriarty's seat* Now, Holmes boy....

Holmes: Oh, no. *groans*

Fenwick: What was it like in Victorian New London?

Holmes: It wasn't called New London back then.

Fenwick: I say it is New London. *glares*

Holmes: *sigh* Fine, it's New London.

Fenwick: Now answer my question, dead man.

Holmes: The 19th century smelled a lot better than it does today.

Fenwick: But it does not have the purification systems....

Holmes: No, but at least it didn't have you to foul up the air.

Fenwick: Moi? You will pay for that insult. *tries to lunge for Holmes but is held back by a strong grip, looks up at a cleanshaven Moriarty*

Holmes: *squints* James?

Lestrade: Not bad. The new look is you.

Moriarty: *growls and tosses Fenwick across the stage* Never leave a mad scientist to host a show.

Fenwick: *dazed* And now...a...commercial break....

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