Live with Moriarty

Part 3

by Demoness ( )

I am having too much fun with this.

Fenwick: Now back to Live with Moriarty!

Moriarty: So now you see what my problem is in pulling this heist off....

Holmes: It is child's play, Moriarty. All you need are mirrors to hide your presence and reflect the laser beams back to the source. I remember the case where Watson and I found ourselves in a house built like a fun house. I believe Watson called it "The Adventure of the Nightmare Fun House".

Moriarty: Sounds interesting....

Holmes: Even you would not want to meet the man behind the architect of that house. *shudders*

Fenwick: Pst! We're on the air!

Moriarty: We are?

Fenwick: *nods*

Moriarty: *knocks Fenwick across the head* Why didn't you say so!

Fenwick: I just did, Master.

Holmes: *chuckles*

Moriarty: *coughs and straightens vest* Back to the show. Tell us, Holmes, what do you plan on doing with your life now that you are in the 22nd Century?

Holmes: isn't it obvious? I plan on putting you behind bars and carrying out the rest of my life as a detective like before.

Moriarty: Besides that.

Holmes: Maybe find my brother and bring him back...

Moriarty: Anyone else?

Holmes: I would like to bring Russell back, but she was not preserved like me.

Moriarty: How do you know? After all you died before she did.

Holmes: I searched for her death certificate and found her grave. *pauses with a sad look*

Fenwick: I could clone her.

Holmes: clone is enough. Besides, I hear their minds slowly deteriorate.

Moriarty: What?

Holmes: You did not know this?

Moriarty: Someone has neglected to mention it to me. *glances at Fenwick*

Holmes: Ah but what does it matter? After all you claim to be the original Moriarty.

Moriarty: *unease*

Lestrade: And now a commercial break.

Fenwick: That's my line!!

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