Live with Moriarty

Part 2

by Demoness ( )

Moriarty: Welcome back to Live with Moriarty. Here's a recap of what happened a few moments ago. Tonight's guest is Mr. Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective (and annoying). Holmes has told us he can't reveal any information about his latest completed case and that he has been or is in love with Inspector Beth Lestrade.

Holmes: I did not admit to that, Moriarty. Quit putting words in my mouth.

Moriarty: Right-o. Now on to the other questions for tonight.

Holmes: They had better not be about my love life.

Moriarty: They are not.

Holmes: Good.

Moriarty: Tell us about Mrs Irene Norton nee Adler.

Holmes: *pauses, considering the question* She is a lovely and intelligent lady. One of the few whom I have enjoyed competing against in my cases.

Moriarty: Is it true that you had an affair with her?

Holmes: It is most certainly not! You said these questions were not about my love life.

Moriarty: I lied.

Holmes: Figures.

Moriarty: Is it also true that you married a young woman several years your junior?

Holmes: Russell?

Moriarty: Yes

Holmes: Well....*squirms a bit* Yes, it is true.

Moriarty: Ha! So you do like to go after younger girls than you.

Holmes: *shock* That is untrue! Russell was my apprentice and a woman whose intellect was on my level. I waited until she was twenty-one before I 'popped the question'.

Moriarty: Right.

Holmes: Ask me one more question like the previous ones and I'll....

Moriarty: You'll do what?

Holmes: I'll bring down your tv organization...

Moriarty: Like you did with my criminal empire?


Moriarty: I mean, my shipping empire


Holmes: Don't act so innocent, Professor Moriarty. You were not a shipping tycoon but a criminal mastermind who has broken the law countless times.

Moriarty: And like you haven't.

Holmes: Hey, I broke the law only to help my cases.

Moriarty: Right! You know you enjoyed it. Admit it, Holmes!

Holmes: I...*silent*

Moriarty: See!

Fenwick: And now a commercial break.

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