Here We Go Again....

Part 1

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

another ficcie from yours truly with the messed up e-mail!

Here's a strange, pointless story, but there you go....

Lestrade was bored. "Bored, bored, bored, bored, bor-"

"All right, already! Lestrade! Please!" Holmes was having a bad day. "You're not the only one whose intellect (or lack thereof) is suffering from lack of use!"

"What do you mean 'lack thereof'?"

"Well, actually that was aimed more at Grayson." Holmes nodded towards the Chief Inspector. Grayson's current occupation was slouching in his seat, his eyes half open, his brain (or lack thereof) only half on, having a very uninteresting staring competition with the opposite wall.

"Oh." Lestrade sighed. She HATED police get togethers, with a passion. They were so damn DULL!!!! Poor Holmes, she thought, his brain will probably go into shock from lack of use. Oh zed! Here I go again! Worrying about Holmes when I'll be in just as bad a predicament as him! WHY do I do that?! A nasty little section of her mind (which existed solely to bug her) spoke up with its usual answer: Cuz you loooo- "Oh, shut up!"

Holmes gave her a funny look. "Pardon?"


"We have now arrived in Liverpool," the train's computerized announcer announced.

"YEE-EES!" Grayson jumped out of his chair and ran (well, actually it was more like walking ungracefully and hurriedly, but then this IS Grayson....) out the door.

Lestrade sighed again. This was the begining of what she was sure was going to be the worst weekend of her life.

"I wonder what Watson is doing? Lucky old compudroid doesn't have to come."

Holmes nodded his head in agreement. His brain was too bored to put together a coherent sentence.

There you go! A nice crazy bit of fic that I may or may not finish! or maybe you guys'll finish it for me? Or maybe it's just going to be a piece of insanity and end like that. Who knows? o.0



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