Part 2

by Kestrel Akira (K_Akira at juno.com)

"It could be a trap." Lestrade motioned. "He could be planning something."

"Really, Lestrade," Holmes rolled his eyes. "A locket? The style is clearly feminine. No, This belonged to the young woman."

Lestrade shrugged her shoulders. "If you say so."

Unbeknownst to the trio on the street, they were being watched from above. Two dark blue eyes watched their movements from the roof of the 221 complex.

"Drats," the figure, the young woman from earlier whispered in anger. "They have my locket. That is just what I need at the moment." Her right hand went up to her chest, in the area where her locket once rested. "Uncle James must have tore it off in the fight." She sighed. "Now I have to get it back before Holmes discovers how to open the blasted thing." She shook her head, and unfortunately, the action was noticed by a very alert compudroid.

"Up there Holmes!" Watson pointed to the roof of their flat. "The young woman is on the roof!"

She had noticed Watson pointing to her and swore. "Zed it all." She turned to the rooftop. "Now how am I going to get myself out of this one?"

At that same moment, "Iím going to head her off in my hovercraft," Inspector Lestrade exclaimed. "I have a few questions that I would like to ask her."

Holmes watched as Lestrade raced to her craft and took off to the roof. He himself ran inside, Watson close on his heels and headed up to the roof. "I have a few that I too would like answered," he whispered to himself.

"What now?" the woman asked herself when a ribbon of blue energy flew past her. She looked to the direction that it came from and groaned. "Great going, Tory. Now you have New Scotland Yard after you and it had to be her."

"Stop, New Scotland Yard!" came Lestradeís voice over the onboard speaker. "Put your hands up and stay where you are."

Tory put her arms up in the air, the sleeves of her long black coat shifting downwards to reveal a golden bracelet on her right wrist, now glistening in the light from the craft. "Yeah, right, Iíll stay where I am. You have got to be kidding." She instantly took off running when Lestrade stepped out of her vehicle and started walking toward her.

"I said stay where you are," Lestrade ordered, pulling out her ionizer and fired on the girl. "Halt."

There is no way Iím going to get out of here this way. Holmes and Watson will be here any second, and Iím playing tag with a yardieís ionizer, she thought. She looked over at the roof edge. Itís about a thirty foot drop. If I land and roll right, then I shouldnít injure myself much. She looked over at the triggerhappy Inspector, then at the revived detective and his cybernetic friend, who had just exited the door to the roof. Itís a better choice then getting caught by them and forced to answer questions that they shouldnít know the answers to.

Holmes and Watson reached the roof, just in time to watch the young woman evade several ionizer blasts from Lestrade. She jumped off of the roof to the ground below, flipping in the air before landing gracefully on her feet and promptly falling into a tuck and roll, dispelling the momentum in order to avoid hurting herself. When she rolled to her feet, she took off running down a narrow alleyway, escaping capture this time.

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