Interview with Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter

by Kelsey (harry_potter00910 at

Host: Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Star Zone. Today we are talking to Sherlock Holmes about his latest movie, and...
(red in the face)
...the very cute Harry Potter, and here they are. Hello, Sherlock and Harry.

Holmes and Potter (Harry red in the face): Hello.

Host: So, Sherlock, let's start with you. So what is this new movie about?

(Note: the Sherlock Holmes movie is not true)

Sherlock: Well, of course I play me in the movie, and Cass....

Harry: Can I be in the movie?

Sherlock: Why?

Harry: (Because I think your so-called daughter is cute).........

Sherlock: Never mind, then. As I was saying, Cassie is the real star in the movie.

Host: Harry, what's up with you?

Harry: Will you go out with me?

Host: Ya.

(Harry and Kelsey leave.)

Sherlock: Well, folks, that's the end of the Star Zone. See ya.


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