The Power of Gold, Silver and Bronze

Part 5

by Kelsey (keyoma09 at

The Plot

That night Kan was thinking about how to get the three ancient colors. "Umm... ah, I give up! I can't think of anything!" said Kan in an angry voice

"I shall help you," said something in the corner of the room

"Help me?! Think I need help?! besides I don't even know who you are!" said Kan in an angry voice.

"I am the Greek god Apollo... but I am not that powerful anymore. I have a new name now. It is Stardom. Now there is a more powerful force: Apollo the dragon and ruler of Lugigia -- the ancient name for Space; it is also a lost city," said Stardom.

"As the ancient story goes, there was a battle so powerful that it could destroy the World! Apollo the dragon ruled Space, in fact -- all of it except Earth. The reason was Keyoma, the world's most powerful Ruler. Keyoma was so grateful to Earth that it would let humans into the city of Mythgana....

"But all of that changed because in the 16th century, Apollo went after Earth to fight Keyoma for it. Apollo told Keyoma that if he won, Earth and space would be Keyoma's. But if Apollo himself won, he would have Earth and everything in it! They said that Apollo would use the Humans to do all the work for him and become his slaves.

"The battle lasted for days but finally they fainted, and it was said they would stay like that until 7 centuries had passed. So noone ever found the two lost cities. As for Apollo, he got sent back to space to rest; and now it is time for that battle to start all over again!"

Then Kan got an evil plot. "You, my friend are smart. How about we let the dragons do the battling and we get the colors?" said Kan.

"Ah...but to call these dragons you need one of the colors... Gold,' Stardom said.

All of a sudden the computer came on.

"Gold: the power to call the dragons of Dark and Light. The owner of Gold is unknown," said the computer.

"Who belongs to Silver and Bronze?" asked Stardom.

"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson," said the computer.

"Ah, yes. I think that Cassie Holmes is the keeper of Gold! Computer, get me my uncle...James Moriarty. He will like this idea... besides, he lives in London where Cassie Holmes lives,"

"Ah, clever humans... but you cannot catch the chosen one, Cassie Holmes. Plus Apollo better be ready!"

So this must've been what Sherlock meant by "It is time!"

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