The Power of Gold, Silver and Bronze

Part 4

by Kelsey (keyoma09 at

Meet the Computer Monsters

So Cassie finally leaves the school and goes to the Yard's marine show and training tank.

"Well, it is time to feed the killer whales," Cassie said.

"Hey, Cassie is here! Hi there! My name is Echo the orca (killer whale) and I belong to Cassie!" said Echo.

"Umm...I thought you would be here," said Sherlock.

"Hey, Father!" Cassie said.

Then another orca came to Cassie, but this was not Cassie's orca. "Hey, my name is Thunder and I belong to Sherlock."

"Ya, and my name is Waves!" said another orca.

These are computer monsters. Cassie also has a chipmunk-like animal named Tempo,and a dinosaur named Dinocam and a dolphin named Memo. The Yard used them for cases and they sometimes put on dolphin and killer whale shows too! They could also be used for freestyle battles. Each Monster comes out of an mp3-looking handheld computer. On the three orcas and the three dolphins that belong to Cassie, Sherlock and Watson there are shapes on the heads. Echo and Memo have the sun, Thunder and Bubbles have the moon and Waves and Nova have a star on their heads.

"Well, they have all been fed, Cassie; let's...." Sherlock said.

"Wait, Father, I have to show you something," Cassie said. She pointed at the comet. "Is that a star?" Cassie asked.

"It could be... but it looks more like a comet!" said Sherlock.

"Do you think it will come to earth?" Cassie asked.

Sherlock did not reply...then he said something. "It is time?!... Already?!"

"Time for what?" Cassie said.

Sherlock went over to his daughter and hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. "How about we just go home?" Sherlock said. So they started off home.

"I still want to know what he meant by 'It is time?!'" said Cassie.

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