The Power of Gold, Silver and Bronze

Part 3

by Kelsey (keyoma09 at

The Comet in the Sky

So Cassie goes to the school to meet up with her friends, Milo, Sara and Cheyenne.

"Hey, guys...what are you looking at?" asked Cassie.

"There is a star in the sky," Milo told Cassie.

"Ya, the what?" Cassie said.

"Cassie, you don't get it. The sun is up there but there is a bigger star up there, too!" Cheyenne told Cassie.

"Wait, Cheyenne... don't the other stars only come out at night?" Sara asked

" how can that be a star?" asked Milo.

"It's not!" Cassie told everybody. "It's a comet!"

So everybody turned to Cassie, thinking she was joking. "How do you know?!" asked everybody.

"Eyes and brains. See, Sara knew that the other stars come out at night. Well, so it could have not've been a star, but a comet. Because comets can appear anytime, in day or night," Cassie told everybody.

"She is starting to be like her father!" said Cheyenne.

"Cassie, maybe you should stop hanging around with your father, because you're scaring me!" said Sara.

So everybody went home but Cassie stayed behind. "I just hope that the comet doesn't strike Earth."

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