The Power of Gold, Silver and Bronze

Part 1

by Kelsey (keyoma09 at

There is a story about the three ancient colors of gold, silver and bronze. Each holds one ancient animal that helps the world in its own way. Bronze holds a wolf-like animal named Houndcopper, Silver holds a bird-like animal named Silver-wing, and Gold holds the most powerful dragon and animal in the world, Keyoma.

June 24,2104

"OK. It's hot outside and it's the last day at school, and I want out! Oh, sorry. My name is Cassie Holmes, the daughter to the great Sherlock Holmes and trust me, it is not easy being the daughter to him, you will find out," said Cassie.

"Yo, Cass. Did you know school was over...oh, I don't, 30 minutes ago?" Milo told Cassie. Milo is a boy that has a big crush on Cassie.

"Oh, no, my father will kill me, because I said that I would be home 15 minutes after the bell rang to help him out with taking the big box of candy to child care! I am going to get grounded!" said Cassie, and then she rushed home.

Like, 15 minutes later...

"Watson, do you hear that?" said Sherlock.

"Yes, Holmes...but who is it?" asked Watson.

"Take a wild guess!" Sherlock told Watson.

"Cassie," they both said at the same time.

So when Sherlock opened the door, Cassie came flying in. "You know how much I hate when you do that!?" said Cassie, who is still on the floor.

"Yes, but we are not talking about the floor!" Sherlock says in an angry voice. "Cassie, you said you would be home in time to take the candy to child care, did you not?!" said Sherlock.

"I'm sorry, Father, but...." said Cassie.

"No buts about it, Cassie; you are ground...well, I will give you one -- and I mean one -- more chance," Sherlock told Cassie.

"Yo, thanks," Cassie said happily. "Bye, Father!"

"And where do you think you are going?" said Sherlock.

"Ah, downtown," said Cassie.

"No," said Sherlock.

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