Part 1

by Jackie Stone (vh1_87 at yahoo.com)

Hi, again.

Hey, I just finished the first part of my story, but I have no clue what to name it. If you get any ideas from this first part, e-mail me (and tell me if you like it)!!!!!!!


Moriarty frowned as he stepped into the round room. It seemed too... cozy... for a doctor's office. As he looked around him, his eyes caught sight of family pictures. Way too cozy. Maybe he had the wrong room. He turned to go back out into the hallway, but just then, a woman with long blonde hair and a white jacket on rushed in.

"Can I help you, sir?" she asked, still out of breath.

He took the ioniser out of his pocket and aimed it at the woman's head. "Actually, you can," he said smoothly as the woman's eyes grew large with fear, "Doctor Jazmeen Watson, you're coming with me."


Hope you like it.


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