The Baker Street Irregulars

"Irregulars, come to order!" -- Watson

One of Holmes' numerous crimefighting innovations was that of paying London's numerous "street Arabs" -- boys loose on the streets -- to do legwork for him. Their leader was a boy named Wiggins.

In 2103, Holmes continued the tradition after meeting three street kids -- Deidre, Tennyson, and Wiggins -- selling maps, tickets, and guide services rather late at night. Once Holmes got a steady source of income from New Scotland Yard, he began employing them on a regular basis. Holmes also sees that they attend school; he and Watson often help them with their homework and give them tea (in the 4 PM meal sense). Meanwhile, Holmes is training the Irregulars not only in surveillance and research skills, but also in solving crimes themselves.

Watson is very fond of the Irregulars, but their presence on cases annoys Lestrade. Not only does she think kids have no place in official business; she's thinking about danger plus underage kids and wishes Holmes would, too. Holmes seems more blase about this, perhaps because the kids lived dangerous lives when out on the street or maybe because most kids in his day lived less sheltered lives than Lestrade thinks they should. Greyson seems to be totally unaware of the Irregulars' existence, and is probably most happy that way.

The Irregulars appeared in the following episodes: CRIM, CROO2 (Deidre), SUSS2, RESI2 (Wiggins), DANC2, MUSG2, BERY2, SECR (Deidre), and IDEN2 (Tennyson).

The poster says:
"This diverse band of street kids is Holmes' secret weapon in his war on crime. Wiggins, the 16 year old leader with boxing training and a photographic memory; 11 year old Tennyson, the math and computer whiz; and 12 year old Deidre, a precocious, reformed scam artist are Holmes' eyes and ears in the streets of New London."

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