Happy New Year

Part 2
by Caitlyn Bunch
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Here's part 2, she got over her story block. ^_^

But Holmes said, "I want to stomp on his neck."

And Moriarty said, "I will tell you where he is."

Sherlock Holmes said, "Okay tell me then."

And he said, "He's at the Rudolph Lot, a lake lot."

"Where at Rudolph Lot?"

"Over by the bridge."

"Okay, I am going to let you go now, but if you disobey and you lie I will come back here and put you in jail for all year and forever, I hope!"

So they flied in their flying car --

Joke Day: that didn't really happen, it's just a joke. Professor Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes fell in love on the way. (I swear she did this herself, she thinks it's a joke!) Happy Joke Day! Bye bye.

Now back to the story.

And Professor Lestrade saw no Rudolph Lot! Then they said, "Oh that Moriarty oh that Moriarty OH THAT MORIARTY!!!!!"

And then Professor Lestrade said, "Don't worry. We'll catched him," and then kissed him on the cheek.

And Sherlock Holmes said, "Aww you didn't have to," and then he kissed her on the lips and they kissed for hours and hours and hours.

(She's sitting here giggling, saying, "I got a whole bunch more funny stuff.")

And they ran out of gas, and they didn't have time to go and they fell in a mud puddle. And Professor Lestrade said, "Let's go home and get a bath."

(Caity said, "But just one at a time -- they aren't little kids.")

And they went home and took a bath. Then they got out. And Sherlock Holmes sat in a chair and read a newspaper and said, "It's been a long day." And they went to bed. Together. They kissed each other and went to sleep.

(Colyn said. "Forever.")

And then it was tomorrow, early sunbreak. Happy Jokes Day: one more joke. Professor Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes got married (This is getting hard to type, I'm laughing so hard...she's only SEVEN and she even sees it....) and they had a thousand little kids. And they got a dog and a cat and a mouse but the cat ate the mouse. End of Jokes Day.

And they took off in their flying car and went to Paris. Rudolph Lot had floated off to Paris. And they vroom vroom vroom!!!! And they got to Paris and they landed. Then they found Fenwick. Then they caught him in a net! And they sent him to jail.

And then they saw Rudolph with Moriarty. And Moriarty had a knife in his hand and was fixing to kill him. And Professor Lestrade swinged on her rope to the rescue and said "Jungle girl!" And they swung together too. And they kissed and they flew off and they grabbed Rudolph and they jumped in their flying car and took off.

Then they went home. And besides -- I forgot to tell you this -- they decided to go on dates for two years. And then they got done with their dates for two hundred years. And they went home, and Rudolph grew up. And then he flew off with Santa Claus and guess what he left behind?

Baby Reindeers! All of them had red noses but one. He had a black one. and they stuck a cherry on his nose with a light in it and made it flash. And he flew off with Santa with all the other reindeer. And uh..and...just a minute I got it! Wait a sec -- just one more minute!!!

And then they ran off together! And Sherlock Holmes asked Professor Lestrade if she would marry him. And she said yes. And they ran off and got married and for two months she's been pregnant.

She liked reindeers so much, the baby was finally born. And it was three babies. But the third one was a huge fat one. And guess what? That baby was named after Rudolph. And he had a red nose! He was called Red Nose Reindeer. And the first one was little bitty skinny. And he had a black nose. (She says she pictures Holmes and Lestrade as mice soo....) He was called Skinny Rudolph. And the other one was skinnier than a rat. And he was named Skinnier Than a Rat Reindeer. One side of his nose was red, and the other side was black. So they called him Two-Tone.

And Sherlock Holmes and Professor Lestrade lived happily ever after.

The End. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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