Happy New Year

Part 1
by Caitlyn and Colyn Bunch
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Note from Mary: I'm taking care of my niece and nephew this weekend...and Caity decided to tell me this story and now she wants me to tell it to you...she's seven by the way and Colyn is four.

The title was Colyn's idea.

One day Sherlock Holmes was walking down the street looking for a rednosed reindeer (rednosed rednosed reindeer) And as surely he found a rednosed reindeer.

And then Moriarty snuck behind a pole and he grabbed the rednosed reindeer and as surely he was going to kill it. But first he would use it (the bright red nose) for catching Sherlock Holmes because the reindeer liked Sherlock Holmes.

And then a flying car looked from above. It was Fenwick. Fenwick dived down and he looked around the corner and behind a fence he saw a red flashy light over the fence.

And Moriarty heard an evil sound like "moriarty evil".

And then he got closer and closer and closer and closer and closer. And he looked over the fence. And he saw a rednosed reindeer. And it was in a poor helpless trap with its leg tsk tsk...and he stepped over the fence.

And he got him out of the trap, but Moriarty said "No!". And Moriarty grabbed Fenwick and said "No! You catch that reindeer now!" And so he did. He ran and ran and ran and ran. He ran and ran and ran. And he caught him.

And Sherlock Holmes came with a flying car and rescued him; down down he flew. And then he pushed Moriarty down. And then he stepped his foot on his neck. And then he said, "Where is the reindeer, where is the reindeer?!"

And then Professor Lestrade came down and said, "What's going on?"

And uh...Sherlock Holmes said, "This bad villain better tell me where Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is."

And Professor Lestrade said, "Why are you stepping on his neck to let him tell you?"

He said, "Why shouldn't I? And because he will tell you if you put him in jail."

To be continued, because Caity can't think; my younger brother just came home....

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