The Good Old Days

Part 1

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

A new story! I know, I know I should finish the others but... the plot bunnies and *C.D.* chained me up again! I swear!

*I did not!*

Lestrade's legs felt like they were going to fall off. She had been running after Moriarty for, what? -- she checked her watch -- two hours! On and off. This was what her train of thought was before she skidded to a halt in the middle of a metal chamber. Holmes just barely avoided running into her, Watson was somewhere behind them.

"Hello, my dears!" Moriarty's voice echoed around the room. "Welcome to my new invention! Isn't it lovely?"

Lestrade really couldn't see what was so special about a small, ugly, grey, metallic room and informed Moriarty of these thoughts. "What in hell is it? It looks like a room designed by someone who wouldn't go very far in the interior decorating line of work. Mind you, this is your invention, so I shouldn't be surprised...."

"Ah yes. As witty as ever, my dear Yardie! But I wasn't expecting someone with your brain capacity to fogure it out... Holmes?"

Holmes looked around thoughtfully. "Really, Moriarty, I don't see how you expect me-"

"Yes, well, I didn't really. You're just so fun to tease! Anyway! Down to business! Maybe once you wake up, you'll figure it out!" There was a sudden swishing noise and the room swirled and mushed together. The fact that Holmes looked no worse from the run and that she probably looked like zed was the last thing Lestrade remembered before blacking out.


"Ugh...What'd Moriarty do to us now?" Lestrade stood up and dusted herself off. She took it for granted that Holmes would be with her.

Holmes smiled wryly. "Well, unless my ears deceive me, I do believe we are in London and there is a horse-drawn carriage coming down the street."

Lestrade's eyes widened as the cart went by. "We're not in the 22nd century any more...are we?"

Holmes shook his head."I'd say we're back in the good old days, as the saying goes. Well! On to Baker-street!"

Lestrade wondered how on earth Holmes took all this so calmly. Of course he took most things calmly, seeing as he'd been through quite a lot in his two lives. Still...the 19th century? This was not going to be fun.... A time machine?! It had just hit her that that was what Moriarty's invention was. Oh boy...Greyson was gonna have her head -- if she ever saw him again....


Besides the fact that there were no electric lights or flying cars or modern gadgets zooming around, Baker Street was just like it had been in the 22nd century.

Holmes walked up the stairs to 221b with a slight spring in his step. This did not go unnoticed by Lestrade. I guess really he would be happy to be back. This is his actual time period; he'll be able to see all his friends and Watson...and she sighed. She was starting to feel horribly guilty over bringing Holmes into the 22nd century.

"Hello, my dear Watson!" Holmes walked into the flat happily.

"Ah! Holmes -- who's that?" Watson looked at Lestrade curiously. "By Jove! You're a girl! Where on earth did you find her?"

Feeling horribly self-conscious, something she wasn't used to feeling, Lestrade tried to disappear on the spot. It didn't work.

Holmes smirked at the usually outspoken Yardie's silence. "This is -- wait, I do believe this is going to take a great deal of explaining; let us get comfortable." With this Holmes stepped over piles of papers to his favorite chair. Lestrade took the couch and Watson returned to his usual spot.

Holmes took a deep breath. "Watson I would like you to meet Inspector Beth Lestrade of New Scotland Yard."

Watson looked at her incredulously. "Pardon me?"


There you go! I've decided to answer my question of what Watson would say...well, first he has to find out. Hope ya like it!

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