Goodbye! ...Yeah, Right

Part 2

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

Final...maybe...part to 'Goodbye...Yeah, Right'.

I dunno, this is the end of 'Goodbye' but I'm thinking that this is just so much fun I might write another one...redecorating, maybe?^_^ Anyways, enjoy!

"Right." Deidre glanced around the small group sitting, among a lot of baggage, on the otherwise empty subway car. "You all remember the plan, correct?"

Wiggins, Tennyson and Lestrade nodded.

"I still think the whole thing is ridiculous," Lestrade grumbled. "It’s more like breaking and entering then a housewarming present."

Tennyson craned his neck to see the Inspector over his luggage. "It was your idea, though."

"I was joking!!!"


"You don’t need to come if you don’t want to, Inspector." Wiggins raised his eyebrows, knowing she’d come for sure now.

"And be left behind in New London? No thanks." Lestrade shook her head to emphasize her point. "But you do realize he won’t be pleased."

Deidre shrugged. "I think he will be. He would’ve asked us to come live with ‘im eventually. He’d want an excuse to ‘ave the Inspector with ‘im. Why else would ‘e ‘ave bought such a big ‘ouse? For the bees? Besides, Watson’ll need someone to talk to other then ‘im for the rest of our lives."


"Well, it’s true."

Lestrade dug into her knapsack, brought out a day-old biscuit and lobbed it at Deidre’s head.

"Ow! Will you stop doing that?!"

"I will when you will."

Wiggins brought out a bag of popcorn, handing some to Tennyson.

"Zed! Grow u-- oh, this is ridiculous." Muttering darkly, Deidre grabbed some popcorn, "So... ‘ow’s Jaycee doin’, Wiggins?"

"Fine," Wiggins replied stiffly.

"Oh, come on. You’re not still sore 'cause she turned down your proposal, are you? That was over forty years ago. ‘Sides, you guys’re such good friends now."

"I guess." Wiggins stared at his feet.

Tennyson glared at Deidre.

Deidre bit her bottom lip, trying to think of something to cheer Wiggins up. "Once we get to Sussex you can ‘elp me set Mr. ‘Olmes and the Inspector! It’s really quite fun."


The Irregulars laughed and eventually so did Lestrade. Though she still insisted afterwards that the two of them were NEVER getting together.


"So, Deidre, how exactly did you find all the floor plans to Holmes’ new house?" Lestrade made a stab at interesting conversation. Riding an empty subway with most your belongings in a bag next to you at midnight on a Monday wasn’t exactly mind-blowingly exciting.

Deidre shrugged nonchalantly, " ‘E showed me the real estate site ‘e found it on. Floor plans were there along with all the pictures. It was easy."

"Ah." So much for a lengthy conversation...


It was a nice house. Rather large for two people but simple and practical. It would easily fit all seven of them. Mind you, it wouldn’t really have mattered if it hadn’t been able to fit them. Deidre would’ve stuffed them all in somewhere.

Deidre did have a point, though; why HAD he bought such a big house? For some reason, though, Lestrade doubted it was for the reason Deidre had concocted.

"Right, then, open the door, Inspector."

"Hmph." Holmes had given Lestrade the spare key in case of emergency. Zed, she thought, this is almost too easy....

"Okay," Deidre whispered as Lestrade closed the door behind them. "We go up the stairs at the end of this hall, and Wiggins, you get the room at the end. Tennyson, the room beside Wiggins; me beside Tennyson; and Inspector, the room beside mine. Right? Right."

The group made their way as quietly as possible, seeing as they were each carrying numerous bags. They crept past the living room where Watson could be seen sitting in regeneration mode; past the big clean kitchen (Watson must love that. Lestrade smiled mentally); and up the carpeted stairs. The rooms were easy enough to find, so, after bidding the Irregulars good night, Lestrade slipped into hers without any major crisis. Well, that is, until she realized there was someone in her bed....

"Holmes!" Lestrade hissed, "Deidre, I’ll kill you! Painfully!"

"Excuse me? Lestrade, what are you doing in my bedroom at one in the morning on a Tuesday?" Holmes had woken up.

" is a very interesting,... and if you just go into the next room over, er, I’m sure Deidre will be, ah, very glad to explain it to you."

"Deidre? What is Deidre doing in the next room over?"

"That, also, is a very good question. One I’m sure she’d be more than happy to answer."

Holmes raised an eyebrow.

"I swear this isn’t my fault."

Holmes raised his other eyebrow.

"It isn’t!"

Holmes shook his head. "The room on the other side of this -- not Deidre’s, whichever one she’s in -- is empty. Goodnight, Lestrade."

Lestrade blinked.

"Unless of course you’d rather stay here. I’m sure Deidre would love that." Holmes smirked at her.

"Shut up, Holmes." Sniffing, Lestrade picked up her bags and left to the other room, muttering about Chinese water torture and annoying ex-con artists.

"By the way, Lestrade, I expect a full explanation tomo-- at breakfast," Holmes said as Lestrade closed the door behind her.

The End...for now....

Lestrade: Deidre, you'd better not try that if we ever get into that situation in real life!

Deidre: Well, I'm hoping it won't be necessary; that you'll do it of your own accord.

Lestrade: *death glare* that mouth to mouth rescusitation fic? *eeeevil grin*

Lestrade: *chucks cookie at Deidre*

Deidre: Cyberwolf said she was gonna write an epilogue *hint, hint, nudge, nudge, Cyberwolf* or how 'bout that fic in Gotham? Read that one?

Lestrade: Stop! Make it stop!

Deidre:Or the one in Rome? Or-

Lestrade: *chucks another coo-- er, biscuit at Deidre*

Sorry about that last's this cold, I tell you! *shifty eye movement*

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