Future's Past

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

Scarecrow and Mrs. King SH22 crossover. Takes place after the S&MK episode "Burn-out" just for reference.

Special thanks to Maureen, for suggesting that Moriarty go back in time to cause trouble.

Agent Andrew Carrington sighed as he walked toward his office. Being in the National Security Agency had its downsides. He had a large pile of one of them waiting for him on his desk. Carrington hated doing paperwork, and often left it until the last minute.

As he started to open the door to his office, he heard a noise coming from inside. Pulling his gun from the shoulder holster, he stepped to one side of the door, and threw it open. Then keeping his gun in front of him, he walked into the room. He faltered as he saw a tall, black-haired man who was wearing clothes that looked like they came straight from the Victorian Age. The man raised an odd-looking weapon at him and fired.

Carrington's last conscious memory was of hearing a cultured British voice.

Amanda King bit her lower lip in concentration. She was not going to snap back at Francine, no matter how snide the other woman got.

"Francine," Amanda began calmly, "I know you're still upset that Billy and Lee let me in on that last mission...."

"Amanda, spare me. They have already explained that it was an accident. Hmph, you have way too many of those if you ask me. It's beyond me how you survived your childhood much less..." Francine's voice trailed off as Billy gave her a warning look.

"Amanda, I want to see you in my office," he said. Amanda swallowed nervously as she followed him Had she done something wrong?

When they reached Billy's office, he allowed her to go in first, then shut the door behind him. She noticed that Lee was already there, and looking upset.

"What's wrong? did I do something wrong? is it that report that I typed up last? I know it was a bit rushed but you did say you needed it by 0800 hours on Monday morning and I tried to get it done fast without leaving anything out but I wasn't sure...."

"Amanda!" Lee yelled, exasperated, "Take a breath. This has nothing to do with your report."

"Oh, well, that's good, because I did work hard on it and it seemed like a good job to me. You know, I skipped out on an evening of Goofy Golf to get that done."

"And I appreciate it, Amanda," Billy said before Lee could get say anything to this. Amanda smiled gratefully at him. "Go ahead and brief her, Scarecrow."

"All right. Andrew Carrington, one of the NSA's best field agents, was found unconscious in his office. There was no sign of struggle, and no injury on Carrington's person. There was also no trace of any substance in his system that might account for his loss of consciousness."

"Is he okay now?" Amanda asked concerned.

Lee gave her an odd look. "Depends on how you define 'okay'. He did regain consciousness this morning...."

"That's good." Amanda smiled.

"Yeah. Anyway, he's probably got some kind of brain damage."

"Oh my, the poor man. Why do you say that?"

"Because he said that the guy who shot him had some kind of futuristic weapon," Billy replied.

"Which isn't the strangest thing," Lee added, "He said the guy was Professor James Moriarty."

Amanda gaped at him. "That's impossible. For one thing, no one knows for sure if Sherlock Holmes existed much less his nemesis, and even if he did a guy from the past couldn't get to the future with more futuristic weaponry than that future had."

"Exactly...I think," Lee said, sounding a bit confused. "You majored in Literature, right?" At Amanda's nod he continued, "Good, we want you to talk to Carrington, and maybe convince him that he didn't see what he thought he saw, while I investigate."

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