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Chapter Five

by Alicia (aisumitsukai at home.com)

General Disclaimer

This one's a bit short and a bit odd, but whatever. And I apologise for the last couple chapters, I don't think the writing was quite up to snuff. But what can you do.... Enjoy!

Chapter Five: Hungerford Market

Wiggins wandered through the Hungerford Market with the air of someone who is completely satisfied. He was going out to dinner with Jaycee tomorrow night. Actually, this was, indirectly, why he was wandering through the market at all.

Deidre, the packrat, went to the market every weekend. Unfortunately, Maureen, her guardian, was sick and refused to set Deidre loose in a market alone. So Deidre had conned him into coming with her. And he had been in a good mood, due to Jaycee, and let her. So it worked out for everyone in the end, except Maureen who was still sick. But Deidre planned on buying her some tea on the way back, so that worked out all right as well.

The day was warm, and people bustled through the market good- naturedly jostling each other about. Over the hubbub he heard his name being shouted, and through the crowd came Deidre, weaving through the crowds like a redheaded eel.

"Wiggins! Oi! Breadhead! Wiggins!" She came to a huffing halt in front of him, clutching a familiar-looking luggage bag. "Lookit what I found!" Regaining her breath she waved said luggage about in front of his face.

"Yeah." He replied. "It’s luggage. What am I missing?"

"It ain’t just any old luggage, it’s the Inspector’s luggage!"

"You’re space happy. Just cause it kinda looks like her luggage doesn’t mean...."

"Yeah, and it’s got her clothes and Yardie badge in it." Deidre grinned. "I ‘ave excellent contacts. Not that I wanted stolen luggage." She quickly amended when Wiggins began to frown. "It’s just that when I worked that lay, I ‘ung out with that kinda person. Though the guy ‘oo gave it to me is a friend of a friend of a friend, and I’m thinkin’ I might turn 'im in. ‘E was quite the arse. But anyway, the point is I was lookin’ for a new camera and ‘e said that ‘e ‘eard I was ‘anging about with Mr. ‘Olmes and some Yardie, so ‘e showed it to me thinkin’ I might want it (that way ‘e didn’t 'ave to spend extra time selling the clothes and the badge). ‘Course I did, too; just think of Lestrade’s face when she comes ‘ome! ‘E said ‘e found it in an airport." Deidre made a face. "Along with several other people’s wallets. ‘E must ‘ave stolen it before it got onto the plane or sommat. But the best part of all this is I filmed the ‘ole shebang so I can get ‘im done no matter what." She grinned.

Wiggins blinked, taking in all her babble with a straight face. "Don’t you think she might need it?"

"Oh, whatever. She’s smart, or at least, Mr. ‘Olmes thinks so, she’ll be able to take care of things. Besides, it might come in useful. Y’never know."

"You are the most ridiculous person I’ve ever met. I just hope the Inspector doesn’t draw and quarter you when she finds out." Wiggins rolled his eyes skyward.

"Don’t be silly. She won’t know it was me. I’ll leave at Mr. ‘Olmes’ flat anonymously or something. That way we can all see her when she finds it." Deidre’s smile grew. "But anyways, let’s get ‘ome."

"Don’t forget Maureen’s tea."

"Oh. Right!" Deidre twitched her nose. "Well, come on then. We ‘aven’t got all day. Chop chop!" With that, she strolled off through the crowds, leaving larger Wiggins to fight his way through.

There are times when Wiggins wished he wasn’t quite so polite.

Ah, lovely, lovely Wiggins. I'm thinking I might just do a mini series-esque thing on him....

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