Part 7B

by Alicia (aisumitsukai at
3/10/02; Revised 2/16/03

Interlude: Horrid Girl.

Why had his father done that? Why? Had he known how much pain it would cause his son so many years later? His real son, at that, not some halfbreed idiot.

But none of that mattered; he still felt the hurt. Again and again her voice ran through his head - "you monster." Why was he doing this? Was it all worth it? Yes! Yes, of course it was.

No, no, it isn't; they're -- SHE is family.

Yes, but look what the rest of your family did to YOU.

But why was that so bad?

Because that made her his sister, well, almost.

What would she do if she found out she was related to HIM? It would shock her, devastate her; after all, she hated him. He couldn't let his father's stupidity hurt her. No, no, getting rid of her before she found out was the best way. It was for her own good. But it hurt him to do it. He loved her. And even if she didn't know, the first one had.

But you've tried to kill her before; in fact, you killed the first one. So why should you feel bad?

Because it hurts! Now go away.

Answering himself! Dear Lord, this was getting completely out of hand.

A sudden headache struck him and he closed his eyes in misery. After all this was over, he'd go to a doctor.

In the shadows a crippled, stick-like man, moaned softly to himself as he watched his master shake and groan with pain. "Poor Mazter. Look what you are doing, you stupeed, horrid, girl."

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