Part 4

by Alicia (aisumitsukai at
1/27/02; Revised 2/16/03

Chapter Four: Five star hotels.

Room 167, Newbury Hotel,
Pandora St., New London

"Sooooooo....This is the girl who's gonna save the faery world, huh?" Artemis looked at the picture heading the article on Beth he’d received from Foaly.

Holly stopped gawking at her hotel room and replied: "Yeah, and if it wasn't for you, it wouldn't need saving." Then returned to her gazing.

This remark was followed by silence. Holly decided maybe she shouldn't have said that. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, she reminded herself fiercely.

Artemis closed his eyes momentarily. He wondered how long it would take to be forgiven for doing nothing.

"Doesn’t look like much...." He made a stab at conversation, albeit not a very good one.

Holly tore herself away from the duvet cover and looked over his shoulder. "She just looks normal."

And familiar. Both were struck with the same thought. Artemis could've sworn he recognised those eyes. Holly felt like she was looking into a pale mirror, minus the semi-hooked nose.

"I'll look her up tonight. You get some sleep, because I won't wait for you tomorrow." Artemis snapped the computer shut and left for his room.

Doing as she was told, Holly changed and slipped into bed. Artemis had booked two rooms in the most expensive hotel in New London. Holly'd been surprised, but wasn't about to complain. If you had to travel this was the way to do it.


Artemis grimaced mentally. He hadn't expected the Yard to have such lengthy protection. Whoever made it knew what they where doing. Foaly would've been in seventh heaven over this.

He'd been trying to match Beth's picture with one of the inspectors. Seeing as that was her most recent occupation and that most inspectors didn't just quit after working as one for two years. He'd expected it to only take a few minutes; government agencies weren't famed for their security. Unfortunately, Destiny had decided he didn't deserve to sleep tonight.

Half and hour later, Artemis grumbled his way into New Scotland Yard's database. After that it was very simple to find out all about Beth.

After fifteen minutes of scanning Lestrade’s records, Artemis slipped a printed copy under Holly’s adjoining door. With a smile, Artemis snapped his laptop shut.

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