Part 14

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Epilogue One

Holly relaxed into her shuttle seat. LEP had come as asked, starting the long process of rounding up the now leaderless goblins. Sheíd told her tall tale as Artemis caught a plane to Ireland. Foaly had backed her story up without missing a beat.

Beth and her group had taken care of Moriarty and that poor little old man. Holly sighed. Her poor, poor little sister. LEPreconís first female officer shut her eyes quickly as an unfamiliar tingling sensation started in the backs of her eyes. She fingered the scrap of paper with a New London district phone number scribbled on it. At least they could keep in touch.


Epilogue Two

Journal entry of B. Lestrade,
Nov. 24th, 2105.

Moriarty was admitted to Midgard last week. Canít remember the diagnosis. Severe mental dementia, or something long and in Latin.

According to the doctors he has continuous nightmares. About his sister, Elizabeth, and a riding accident. Supposedly he had another sister named Elizabeth. One that looked like... guess who? Watson looked all this up on the web. She fell off her horse, according to a newspaper clipping. At the age of fourteen. He was there when it happened. According to the doctors he blames himself... heís always screaming heís sorry....

Iím sorry, too....

God, everybodyís sorry for something. Him for killing her, Holly for leaving me, me for not caring.... and zed itís not getting me anywhere, but I canít let it go. Iím even sorry for being sorry....


Supposedly heís not going to recover... or at least, itís highly unlikely.

Itís strange; now that heís gone, and New London is safe, it just doesnít feel right. I mean, I always knew either weíd catch him or heíd catch us one day and that it would be very different, probably boring... but itís just so strange. I certainly would never have thought itíd end like this. Moriarty was just about the only thing dependable in my life; sometime today, weíd be running around trying to catch him. Not anymore. I could almost say I miss it. Almost. Donít know what you got till itís gone, I guess...even if 'it' is numerous near-death experiences.

Remind me to go down to Midgard on Sundays. Maybe one day he and Iíll be able to have a proper conversation. Maybe one day heíll be able to tell me what happened...Or, maybe, Iím grasping at straws, wanting the family I will never have...with a psychotic criminal mastermind.

God, do I have a screwed up life. If that is what I want. Him as a brother and his lackey for my father....

I suppose I should talk about Fen- about Papa, let out all the grief and what-not. I mean, I could go on about how he changed and how I was so unhappy after they took me from him...but I donít think I need to. I think itís good that heís dead. He didnít seem to be enjoying life very much.

At any rate, I wouldnít want to have to crypnotize him and have him forget. And I couldnít keep chasing after him pretending that one day I was going to actually catch him. That probably sounds really selfish. Which, admittedly it is...but...would either of us have enjoyed it?

Mind you, if he hadnít died, then I would've...sometimes I wonder if that wouldnít have been better for everyone. It really is worse for those left behind.

I just wish I could help him. Moriarty. Help him understand it wasnít his fault...but I canít. I- I...if I did, and he became sane and confirmed that this was all true...and I was really his sister...I donít know if I want to know for sure. I donít know if I want it to be real.

I donít want to be his sister, I hate him!


But I donít hate him. And I canít make up my mind, and what if Iím crazy like he is? What if-...what if?

Oh, zed, I need help.... but there is no one.

No, yes, there is....

I think Iím going to go on vacation to Ireland....


At least, in the end, I still have Holly....

End recording.


Epilogue Three

Dear Artemis,

I thought you might want to know this one last thing about Hollyís family tree. Unknown to Holly, her mother had another child with the human Dr. J. Moriarty I. This child was a boy. Like Beth he took after his father, pale, tall, etc.

The boy, named Tom, was frozen and left in Ireland, also under surveillance. Only there wasnít a problem watching him like there was with Beth. So I know exactly what happened to him. He was found by rather well-known Irish crime lord who went by the name of Artemis Fowl. Does this name ring any bells?

Mr. Fowl was just recently married and he and Angeline, his wife, had only just found out she was infertile. So, wanting an heir, he unknowingly adopted this faery child. No one questioned this as Fowl had no living relatives and the childís basic features were close to those of the Fowl family. Due to the Moriarty blood in him, he also fit in with the Fowl familyís history of unusually high IQ. Unfortunately. The child was named after his adopted father-

The cursor blinked perpetually in the corner of Foalyís eye as he reread the e-mail. Shaking his head decisively he pressed 'select all' and then 'delete'. Why dredge up ancient history.... again?


Author's Note

-gasps- Dear Lord it's finally done! I'm going to miss it...

I was rereading it and realised my writing style had completely changed throughout the course of the story and that some aspects of the plot just do not make much sense, so as you can see, I redid it... hopefully for the better. However, I don't know about the ending... did it seemed rushed? -bites nails- Bother... and I think I'm going to have to practise writing emotion... oh well. Please tell me what you think. I really value constructive criticism.


And just for those who don't know, the story prologue is in my 'I present to you' post... it makes more sense with the prologue... which would be why I'm telling you this at the end of the story... toooo many late nights...


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