Part 11

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9/9/02; Revised 2/16/03

Chapter Eleven: Sister

He did it. The zedhead got us all here and's waving a laser in my face. He finally gets to kill us and take over the world. God.

Lestrade looked at her companions out of the corner of her eye.

Well, guys, it's been fun.

I thought the good guys were always supposed to win in the end. Zed.

"My dear Beth, you must understand that this is all for your own good. I can't tell you any more because you have to die happy. You believe me don't you Beth?" Moriarty was waving the laser more energetically now. "You understand?"

I always knew this guy was crazy.

"What?" Lestrade said exactly what was on her mind.

"It's for your own good, I don't want you to be hurt. Beth, you have to understand."

"My own good?" Lestrade repeated blankly. "Youíre killing me because you donít want me to be hurt? Oh yes, I understand perfectly, you little zedhead."

Something flickered up in the back of Moriartyís eyes. "Iím sorry."

Yeah, weíre all sorry, jerk. Obviously not sorry enough, though.

Shaking his head sadly, Moriarty rounded on Holmes, "You must stay out of the way or your little friends here will be, let us say, put to sleep." He waved the gun towards Fenwick and the Irregulars.

"James, for heaven's sake. There is nothing I can do. If you hadn't noticed I've had my hands and feet bound. Which, by the way, made walking down that tunnel very uncomfortable."

Moriarty waved the laser some more. "Well it's your own fault. Youíre in the way."

"Iím flattered. But, while on the subject of me, why on Earth are you killing her? Not to seem arrogant, but I thought it was me you wanted to get rid of?"

"That comes later."

I'm going to scream soon. Lestrade flexed her fingers.

Moriarty turned back to her, holding the laser to her head.

Though I might not have time.

"Hey, yeah, one thing before Iím murdered for my own good health, Iíd just like to say that my spare car keys are in the left hand drawer of my Yard desk. And Holmes... Holmes, if you scratch that car, God help you."

"Of course, Inspector." Holmes looked like he was going to say more but Moriarty flipped the safety catch. But even now, in his moment of glory, he didnít seem at all happy.

"No." Holly's voice came out raspy and quiet, but seemed thunderous in the ensuing silence. "No. Please, no."

Moriarty didn't bother to look at Holly when he asked "Why?"

"She's my sister!"

"You're s-" Moriarty's eyes widened, but didn't look away from Lestrade. "What's your name?"


"Well, I'm sorry, sister, for that is, after all, Holly, what you are, but it's the only way to keep her happy."


Moriarty pulled the trigger.

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