Figlio Perduto

Chapter 9- All's Well That Just Ends.

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Lestrade followed Holmes as best she could as she ran the sky began to open up. A light rain began to rain down on her. Great, Beth grumbled. Just what they needed. Lestrade flicked a wet strand out of her eyes when she finally caught up with Holmes. His cane was extended out and ready for a fight.

"We should wait for backup," Lestrade stated as she took in the size of the warehouse.

"But will he be in there when they arrive?" Holmes countered. "I prefer to end this rather than leave it open to speculation."

"Right," Beth grumbled and charged up her ioniser. "Let's go."

Holmes smiled, then sighed, "Wait a minute, we need a plan. He could be waiting for us."

"What do you suggest?"

Holmes thought to himself; then he remembered something that he had in his pockets. Digging, he pulled out five small silver balls. He'd have to remember to thank Erika for giving him these awhile ago. Beth grinned as she recognized the silver balls as well.

"Do you think five will be enough?" Beth asked uncertainly.

"I think if we use them in the right way and places, they will be. Erika has used them to disappear on the street several times," Holmes pointed out. "We just need to get inside."

Beth smiled wickedly as she held up the ioniser. "Leave that to me."

Erika ran along the street that she thought Lestrade had run down. She soon stopped as she tried to figure out where they could have gone. Erika felt a drop of water hit her face. Looking up, she noticed it begin to rain lightly. Erika slowly walked down the slightly foggy street. Behind her she heard a set of footsteps rushing towards her. She waited as they got closer.

"DIE, NOIR!" a male voice screamed as he lunged out of the fog at her.

Erika spun away and blocked a rapier with her own slender sword. The last of her hair broke free of its restraints and flowed around her face. Erika gathered up the folds of her skirts in one hand. She smiled wickedly at the man in front of her.

"Hello, Ruelle. Long time, no see," Erika cooed as she pushed his blade away with hers.

Ruelle stood straight and glared at her. The insanity was gone from his eyes as he glared at the woman in front of him. She had grown into a beautiful woman. Too bad she was tainted with bad blood. He moved his sword into the traditional dueling stance.

"Hopefully for the last time, Noir." Ruelle cooed. "Your toxin didn't do me in."

"It wasn't meant to, Ruelle. Despite all we have done to each other you were my first love and my first true enemy." Erika smiled wistfully. "I may hate you with every fiber of my being, but I had hoped that one day we could be friends again."

"It wasn't meant to be, Erika," Ruelle acknowledged. "I was sworn to destroy your family and destroy it I shall."

"Pity, Count de Chagny, that we must duel for a victor in this."

"Enough talk, Mademoiselle. En garde!" Ruelle shouted as he lunged for Erika. The clashing of metal rang trough the London night.

Lestrade snuck quietly along the perimeter of the warehouse main floor. She hoped Holmes' idea worked or they both were going to be sitting ducks. After placed the last ball, she signaled to Holmes that she was ready. Holmes signaled back. Lestrade charged up her ionser, aimed at the farthest silver ball and fired.

Culverton was just finishing packing his bags when he smelled the fire. Turning, he froze to see smoke wafting into the room. Culverton ran to the door. The whole hallway was full of smoke. The warehouse must be on fire. Culverton raced out of the room and tried to find the nearest exit. He stumbled through the hallway which was filled with blinding smoke. Placing his hand over his mouth, Culverton tried to feel for the exit door.

Eventually, he found the handle to the emergency exit. Pushing against it with all his strength, he stumbled out into the alleyway. Only to find himself face to face with Sherlock Holmes.

"Doctor Culverton. How nice to see you again," Holmes smiled as he pointed his cane at Culverton who slipped his hand into the pocket of his jacket.

"Yes, it is," Culverton gritted as he fired a blind shot at Holmes, who easily dodged it. Holmes sighed as Culverton scrambled to his feet. Why do all criminals want to do it the hard way? Culverton pointed the gun right at Holmes, confident that he had the upper hand. Holmes smiled as Lestrade entered the alley way.

"I finally got the drop on the great Sherlock Holmes," Culverton smiled.

"I wouldn't say that," Holmes grinned widely.

"Freeze, Smith, you are under arrest," Lestrade shouted as she took aim.

"No way, Yardie." Culverton shouted as he turned to take aim at her.

Fortunately Lestrade got her shot off first. The ioniser beams encircled Culverton's body, restraining him. The bound up man fell to the ground, just as backup arrived. Lestrade smiled at Holmes as she walked up to him.

"Is it me or do those guys always seem to arrive just when we don't need them anymore?" Lestrade joked.

"It's probably just us," Holmes mused out loud as Grayson stalked into the alley. "It seems we are in a spot of trouble."

"When aren't we in trouble with Grayson?" Lestrade chuckled before facing her superior officer. "Hi, Chief."

"Lestrade, what the blazes is going on here?" Grayson shouted.

"It's a long story, Chief," Lestrade sighed.

"I would like to hear it."

Erika dodged a slice from Ruelle's sword. Undaunted, she thrust hers forward, which Ruelle blocked easily. She needed to win this fight for her family's honor. Carefully, she fought against her adversary quickly and efficiently. Nadir had taught her how to swordfight and Erika was very grateful to him for it.

In the rain they parried and thrust, each hoping the other would slip and fall or leave an opening. It was a beautiful sight to see them fight. Erika would spin and dodge with such grace. Ruelle wondered if she really was on this earth. After a while, both combatants were tired and drenched. Erika flicked her hair over her shoulder as she continued to block Ruelle's advances with great skill.

Ruelle had to admire his opponent's skill as she turned around and put him back on the offensive again. Ruelle recognized some of Nadir's techniques in her fighting. When he won this, he would have to compliment the Arabian's ability to teach. Of course they would be probably crossing swords over that if Ruelle did say anything.

A smile played around his lips as he noticed Erika's fatigue seeping through. He only had to bide his time until she messed up and gave his a chance to disarm her. As the swords clashed, Ruelle spotted his needed opening. Moving with great speed, he disarmed Erika by knocking her to ground with a forceful strike. Erika watched in horror as her sword slid into the fog beyond her reach. She closed her eyes against the tears that threaten to flow, in the face of her failure. I'm sorry, Papa, James.

She felt the point of Ruelle's sword press against her throat. Determined not show any weakness even in the face of death, Erika forced the tears back. Ruelle forced Erika to stand using the point of his sword. Erika stared in front of her. Her eyes were cold and with no emotion in them.

"Any last words, Noir?" Ruelle stated firmly. "Before I kill you."

"Go to hell, de Chagny," Erika said coldly.

"Such language from a lady. I sense a lot of darkness from you."

"I was born in darkness and I will return to it, " Erika recited as she looked at Ruelle. "I'm not afraid to die."

"Such a noble sentiment. I will have it carved on your grave," Ruelle grinned as he prepared to cut her throat, "Au revoir, Erika. Give your papa my greetings."

Erika closed her eyes as she prepared for death. A single tear slipped from her eye, the only sign that she had some regrets. Ruelle pressed the blade against the flesh of her throat. This was it. He'd finally won.

Suddenly a deafening roar ripped through the night. Both combatants jumped at the sound. Erika stared into the swirling fog for some clue as to what made that sound. Quickly, a figure broke through the fog and batted away the Count's sword from her throat. Erika felt fatigue finally overcome her as she collapsed to her knees. Erika smiled at her savior even through he stayed into the shadows.

"Who the hell are you?" Ruelle growled as he went back into a fighting stance.

James Moriarty stepped out of the shadows, holding Erika's sword firmly in his hand, "Her second."

Before Ruelle could react, James leaped at him, instantly putting Ruelle on the defensive. Erika watched as James viciously fought against the smaller man. She watched as James drove Ruelle back and as far from her as possibly. As they moved closer to the edge of the Thames, Erika began to lose sight of them. When the fog swallowed them up, Erika scrambled to her feet. Frantically she followed the sound of metal clanging through the thick fog. Suddenly she heard a groan, then a splash. Erika hurried towards the sound. Fear pulsed through her body. She didn't see the figure in front of her until he wrapped his arms around her. Erika started to struggle until she recognized his scent.

"It's over, Erika," James whispered into her hair.

Erika buried her face into his chest, "I thought I wasn't going to see you ever again."

"Don't worry about that. I finally caught you, Erika, and I'm not letting you out of my sight."

Erika shivered in the frigid night air. James scooped her up into his arms. Erika curled up against him. She had her love back and nothing was going to separate them again. James walked back into the fog and back to his Underground kingdom.

Lestrade dragged herself into 221b. She had sent Holmes on ahead while she filed the report on Culverton's arrest and Moriarty's escape. All she could think of was going to sleep in her bed. Even now, she was headed to her room when she noticed a light on in the kitchen.

Curious to what Watson was up to, she walked up to the kitchen. Peeking in Beth was surprised to see Holmes sitting at the table, nursing a cup of tea. He smiled when he saw her. Beth walked in and began to make a cup of tea as well.

"I can't believe it's finally over with," Beth spoke up to break the silence that hung between them.

"Yes, well, with Ruelle still running around. I think you should stay here for just a little longer." Holmes stated firmly.

"I suppose so." Beth sighed, "I must admit it is nice to have a roommate again."

"Maybe we can make it a little more permanent?" Holmes proposed gently.

Lestrade froze in her motion to take a sip, causing the tea to splash down the front of her of her shirt. Cursing, she turned to find something to clean it up. She grabbed some napkins and frantically tried to clean up the mess on her shirt. As the napkins began to rip, Beth wanted to curse loudly but stop when she felt Holmes right behind her.

"Here," he said as he handed her a kitchen towel, "Try this."

"Thanks." Beth replied as she took the towel and began to try and wipe away the stain.

"So how about it?" Holmes asked again.

"I'm not sure, Holmes. I mean I know we have been living together for the past month with everything going on. But can we still do it with out that threat hanging over our head?"

"Do I sense that you hesitant about that idea?" Holmes teased causing Beth blushed.

"I was raised that one gets engaged before moving in." Beth confessed.

Sherlock smiled brightly before kneeling in front of her, "I can do that was well."

Beth froze in shock as Sherlock pulled out a small velvet box. His blue grey eyes were dancing with hope, merriment, and a little bit of fear. It gave his handsome face a boyish quality. Beth gave him a small smile in hopes to convey that he really didn't need to do this.

"Elizabeth Lestrade, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Holmes asked breathlessly, "I've waited for you for over two hundred years. Don't make me wait any longer."

Beth thought long and hard. Her mind showed her all the happy memories they had together. As the scenes flashed thro8ugh her mind, all the cases they worked on together, Beth had a revelation. For the first time since her father died, she was really happy. Ever since Holmes walked in to her life, she was content, even completed.

So without any regret, she spoke the words that would drastically change her life.

"Yes, I will marry you, Holmes." Beth smiled widely.

Holmes did something very unlike him. Like one of his Irregulars, he gave a whoop of joy and swept her up, kissing her as hard and passionately as he could. Watson walked in to see what the noise was about.

"I say," he stammered as he watched the couple kiss.

Holmes broke it off and stated happily, "She said yes."

"Well, I think congratulations are in order then."

Lestrade laughed as the two boys shook hands. Holmes grinned at her as he opened the box to reveal a beautiful antique diamond ring. Lestrade gasped at the beauty of it. She looked at him questioningly. Sherlock gently took her hand and slid the ring in place.

"I wrote to your uncle Leroux a while ago about if your family had any heirlooms of mine. He talked with your mother and she sent me this ring. It was my mother's that she left to me and my brother for when we got married. The one last lucid thing she did. I think she would want you to have it." Holmes explained as he held her hand.

Beth didn't know what to say. Instead she kissed him deeply, showing how honored she was. When they came up for air, they held on to each other for a long while. Neither said anything, both enjoyed the peace.

"The police found the body of the insane Count de Chagny in the Thames River today," the news announcer reported softly, "New Scotland Yard has ruled it an apparent suicide."

The Signora Umberto glared at the news screen. He was foolish enough to go after the chit and now he was dead. Huffing, she walked over to the bed, where a little baby lay sleeping. Smiling wickedly, she picked him up.

"It's just a setback, my little one." Perdita cooed. "You will get revenge on them for what they did to your father."

The baby opened its eyes and blinked at Perdita, then gave its mother a small smile. Perdita smiled as she rocked the baby back to sleep, humming as thoughts of revenge danced through her head.

A few months later in Perros, France -

The bells rang through the small church, declaring the joyous occasion to the few who were present. The lovely couple stared at each other with such loving eyes. The bride wore a simple white dress with a few white roses in her hair. Her blue eyes gazed at the man in front of her with such love and devotion that was hard to match. But her soon to be husband matched it with his own look of love.

"Mademoiselle, will you please repeat after me," the priest repeated himself, breaking the bride out of her reverie and causing all those present to laugh.

The bride blushed deeply and followed the priest's lead as he walked both of them through the vows. The groom stumbled a few times, eliciting a couple of chuckles from the witnesses. He had never done anything like this in his whole life. Finally he got through the vows and beamed at his wife.

In the back of the church, another couple watched the ceremony with a little bit of wistfulness. Their hands were connected and the diamond shined brightly in the dimness of the old church. Beth laid her head on Sherlock's shoulder as they watched their friend and worst enemy be wed to each other. In a few months that would be them up there, exchanging their vows in New London.

Suddenly, the priest shouted, "Madames and Monsieurs, I present Monsieur and Madame James Moriarty."

The small crowd began to cheer as Erika and James stepped down from the altar. Nadir, Fenwick, and Buquet shook James's hand while Danesh and Madam Giry hugged Erika. Erika smiled at each of them and looked to the back of the church. She spotted Holmes and Lestrade and waved. Lestrade gave her a small wave before Holmes pulled her out of the church.

"Your father would be proud, Erika." Nadir stated softly.

"As would yours, Nadir." Erika teased. "Why wasn't he here?"

"He doesn't like churches but he will be at the restaurant." Nadir smiled. "Come my friends, we must celebrate."

Buquet agreed, "After all, it isn't everyday that the Phantom gets married."

Erika and James smiled at each other brightly before sharing a tender kiss. James pulled away and offered his arm to her. Erika graciously accepted as they exited the church. As they stepped out, James spotted Holmes and Lestrade standing by an unmarked cruiser. He broke away from Erika, begging her pardon as he walked over. Holmes stood a little straighter as Moriarty approached them.

"I just wanted to assure you that this doesn't mean that I will go straight." James smiled at his nemesis. "I'll be back soon enough."

Holmes relaxed, "I didn't expect it to. I'll be there to stop you."

The two stared at each other for a moment, and then Sherlock extended a hand, which James accepted reluctantly. They shook twice and let go. James bowed to Beth and returned to Erika who smiled at him. Holmes could hear her say, "I'm proud of you."

Beth waited until the small group was gone before walking to Sherlock's side. Sherlock put his arm her and held her close. She looked up at him curious. Before she could ask her question, Holmes kissed her passionately. The thought of any questions were erased from her mind. The two smiled at each other for a moment until the cruiser's radio phone began to beep. Lestrade reached for it and Grayson's face popped up.

"Lestrade, where in blazes are you? We have a case here for you," Grayson began to rant loudly.

Lestrade looked at Sherlock and smiled, "Duty calls."

Holmes grinned back as he climbed into the cruiser, "So it seems."

The two took off for New London. A tall figure with a quiver of arrows slung across his back watched them go, feeling proud of his handiwork. They were the most stubborn couple he'd ever had to deal with. Next to him a beautiful woman dressed in black and red watched the cruiser disappear before turning to her husband.

"Good job, Lust, my love," she smiled.

"You didn't do so bad yourself, Nightmare," He commented as he placed a hand on her waist, "Let's go home. We won't be needed for another twenty years."

Nightmare murmured her assent as they turned to leave. They were gone in a burst of light.

The End (?)

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