Figlio Perduto

Chapter 6- The Angel of Music and The Lost Angel

by Myshawolf (myshawolf at

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Myshawolf peeks out: Since this is an extremely long chapter, I'll keep this part short. Just a warning, Things will be getting a little hot here for M/E. Don't kill me. Things will be picking up for H/L too at the end and the beginning of the next chapter. Well, enjoy and on with the show.

Lestrade woke up slowly as the sun filtered into the room. She opened her eyes and was trying to move when several things hit her at once. First thing was she wasn't in a bed but on the couch. The second was someone's arm was around her. Lestrade slowly pulled away and noticed that Holmes was asleep next to her. He held her head against his chest and was out like a light. Lestrade let a small smile spread across her lips. She laid her head back down and enjoyed the feeling of being held. Her eyes drifted shut and she fell back asleep.

Holmes woke up a few minutes later. He went to sit up, only to find something heavy on his chest. Looking down, he smiled at Lestrade's sleeping form. She was so beautiful to him. Last night, they stayed up to watch one of the many movies made of his adventures. He was ticked at how he was portrayed but he liked the actor's form and ability with the role. He couldn't hold a grudge for long. Jeremy Brett was a good actor. Maybe next time they could see something else he was in.

Holmes shifted in his seat in order to get comfortable. However his movements woke Lestrade up. She raised her head and looked up at him. Twin pairs of blue eyes met. Holmes felt his head lowering itself to kiss her. He was a breath away when the door opened. The two jumped apart as the Irregulars filed in, chatting among themselves about Wiggins' adventure two nights ago. Lestrade felt a blush sneak across her cheek and excused herself. Holmes watched her go, feeling empty that he couldn't steal a kiss. He supposed she was going to need more time to get used to the idea of them living together. He smiled as he turned to the awaiting Irregulars.

"So what is the news of the morning?" Holmes asked them, distracting them from asking anything about what they might have seen.

Erika was up early. Sleeping well for the first time in the long time -- she could have sworn that James was with her last night. She woke up with his scent in her nose. But there wasn't any sign that he could have been there. Erika made her way to Fenwick's work area. Sitting at the microscope, Erika looked at James' blood.

Frowning, Erika noticed that everything seemed normal. She tried to zoom in for a closer look and found nothing out of place there as well. Erika leaned back. Closing her eyes in thought, she turned the information over in her head. On the cellular and molecular level everything was normal, yet something wasn't right about it. Maybe it was a long shot but it was the one place they hadn't looked yet. Erika opened her eyes and adjusted the microscope to see things on the atomic level.

Erika took a deep breath and looked through the microscope again. As she focused, a smile spread across her face. The problem jumped out at her. Pressing a button she took several pictures. That explained several things to her. There were several tiny robot bugs interfering with the atom's electrical impulses. Those impulses helped send messages to the brain and keep the body in balance. Erika turned away from the microscope, with extreme worry. If one pulse was screwed up badly enough, James could die. Everything the body does is control by those impulses. Breathing, the beating of a heart, even memories depended on those electric surges. She hurried to Fenwick's room and hastily knocked on his door. When she was sure the doctor was up, she hurried to the phone and hurriedly dialed Baker Street.

Holmes listened to the Irregular's reports closely. He jumped as the phone behind him began to ring. He held up a hand silencing the teens as he walked over. When he answered, Erika was looking off screen.

"I can't believe it either," Erika stated as she turned. "I have found out what is controlling Moriarty."

Everyone got very silent waiting for Erika to continue, which she did, "There are tiny robots inferring with the body's impulses on the atomic level. They are controlling the source of the electrical source of the body's mode of communication."

No one spoke. Then Tennyson began to whirl and beep in response. Erika smiled sadly. That kid was on top of his science knowledge.

Watson was the first to speak, "Is that right? Moriarty could easily die?"

Erika nodded her agreement with the child. Everyone could see she was not taking that possibility too well. She looked up with new resolve, "It also messes with the memory. That could explain the times he seems to be lost and confused one moment, and very lucid the next."

Holmes considered this new pieces of information as well, "I trust you and Fenwick will be working on the antidote as soon as possible."

"Oui, We will have more tonight."

"Good, I'll see you then."

"Au revoir."

Erika cut the connection. Holmes turned to the Irregulars. He had a new task for them.

"I want you to keep an ear out for any one trying to buy or sell stolen nano-bot technology. If you can, see if you can get names. But don't take any risks. This is going to get dangerous, so watch your step."

The four teens nodded their understanding and left Baker Street quickly. They had their duty to fulfill.

Erika had a hard time sitting still through the run through. She wanted to help Fenwick do his research. However they agreed that they should act like everything was normal. They didn't want to tip their hand to Moriarty's captor. Erika listened to how the play was progressing. For each musical number, they had to stand on the stage and sing it. Erika's third song was coming up.

Culverton snuck backstage. He tried to hide in the shadows as best he could. Next to him stood Moriarty. Culverton didn't want to bring the man along. But Moriarty refused to leave his side. Culverton hushed The already silent Moriarty as Erika stood up and walked to center stage. She took a breath and waited for the introduction to finish playing. She closed her eyes and pretended Moriarty was standing in front of her.

When I look at you
What I always see
Is the face of someone else who once belonged to me.
Still I can hear him laugh
And even though the melody plays on
He's gone.

Moriarty felt a sting in his heart at the sad look on her face. He wanted to comfort her in her pain. However he stayed by his master's side, not wanting to let his master know that he cared for the singer.

When I look at you
He is standing there
I can almost breathe him in like summer in the air.
Why do you smile his smile
That heaven I'd forgotten eases through
In you

Erika tried to smile through the pain she was feeling as she sang. She was completely in sync with Marguerite's feeling. She knew the pain Marguerite felt when her husband would look at her as if he didn't know who she was.

If you could look at me once more
With all the love you felt before
If you and I could only dance into the past
And find that love we knew
I'd never take my eyes away from you

Both hearts longed to change things back to before they were ripped apart. Moriarty wanted to recapture her loving touches that he had felt last night. Silently, he took a step towards her. He noticed Culverton giving him an odd look and stopped himself from going farther.

When I look at you
He is touching me
I would reach for him.
But who can hold a memory?
And love isn't everything.
This moonlight on the bed will melt away

Erika remembered the times Moriarty touched her face and kissed her. She closed her eyes in an effort to focus on those memories only to have they flutter away from her mind's eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

But you were that someone
Who I followed like a star
Then suddenly you changed
And now I don't know who you are

Moriarty fought hard with his instinct that demanded that he return to her and damn the consequences. He closed his eyes as he silently battled within himself. Tonight, he could comfort her and maybe discover some answers himself.

Or could it be I never really knew from the start?
Did I create a dream?
Was he a fantasy?
Even a memory is paradise for all the fools like me!

Erika opened her eyes and sang her heart out in an effort to make one last plea with whoever was in charge to let her have her love back even for a night. She felt the tears running freely down her face. She made no effort to wipe them away.

Now remembering is all I can do
Because I miss him so
When I look at you.

Erika closed her eyes as she finished the song. The company burst into thunderous applause. Lea ran up and hugged her new friend. Erika hugged Lea back trying to stop the tears from falling any more than they already had. It took the director a few minutes to get everyone settled. Erika returned to her seat, barely composed. Her neighbors congratulated her which Erika accepted gracefully as she could without crying again.

Erika smiled cheekily at Perdita, who was glaring at the triumph that the young singer achieved. The old singer looked away with a murderous gleam in her eyes. She would show that little tart her place.

Erika was beat when Lestrade pulled up. She collapsed in the passenger seat. Lestrade chuckled as they pulled away. Erika closed her eyes. She thought Madame Giry was bad with practices. Monsieur Fagan could teach her a thing or two.

"Rough day?" Lestrade asked as she weaved in and out of traffic.

"Oui. I think dance instructors are taught to be slave drivers," Erika groaned, "I need a hot bath."

"Maybe Sherlock will let you skip this one," Lestrade chuckled, "Why don't we call him?"

Erika shook her head. "You call him and explain. I hurt too much to talk."

Lestrade nodded as she changed directions and headed to the Underground entrance near Fenwick's hideout. What timing, since Fenwick was emerging to go to Holmes's. Lestrade pulled up.

"We have an exhausted opera singer," Lestrade joked as Erika got out groggily.

Fenwick looked her over. In a very fatherly tone, he ordered her to get some sleep after she had something to eat. Erika nodded absently as Fenwick led her back to the hideout. He rearmed the security system.

Before he left, he told her, "I want you in bed by the time I get back. You need to rest if you want to help James."

"Yes, Papa," Erika yawned, showing her fatigue by using the name she called her late father.

Fenwick smiled as he left. She didn't realize the slip as she made her way to the bathroom. A shower would help wake up her mind, then she could eat. Shower first, then food.

Erika noticed that she made her way to the kitchen first. Obviously her body had other ideas. She sighed and built a small sandwich. Erika ate it quickly and moved towards the bathroom this time. She shut the door behind her.

Moriarty slipped into the quiet hideout. The code to the system was easy to figure out. Satisfied that no one was about, he walked deeper into the room. A smile graced his lips as he walked to his room or at least he thought it was his room. He hoped it was his since some of the clothes in there would be too big for the slender form he saw in his bed last night. Taking a deep breath, he stepped through the door and saw an empty bed. Moriarty blinked. He was so sure she would be sleeping there peacefully and looking so beautiful. Then he heard a door opening and grinned as he turned around to walk out.

Erika hummed to herself as walked out of the bathroom. She felt very refreshed from that shower. Flicking a few wet strands of her hair over her shoulder, she went from humming to singing softly. Then she stopped and froze as James stepped out of the bedroom. They locked eyes on to each other. Erika swallowed down any further notes in her throat. The two sized each other up, unsure of what to do.

Erika tightened the grip on the towel as she took a side step away from Moriarty. Considering her state of dress, she wanted as much distance between them as possible. Every step she took Moriarty instinctly took one as well. He seemed distinctly uncomfortable with the situation between them. Erika gave a small smile as he moved away from the bedroom door was where her spare clothes were. She just needed to distract him long enough to get him away from it.

"What do I owe the pleasure of a visit?" Erika asked bluntly.

Moriarty's head snapped up at the sound of her voice. "I needed to see you."

Erika tried to ignore what those words did to her heart and continued on, "Why me?"

"That's what I would like it know. You stick out to me. It's like we met before in another time."

Erika reminded herself that to people with amnesia, what happened before would seem a lifetime ago. Right now she had to keep him moving away from that door. She smiled at him. "It was. A time I miss all too much."

"I heard it in your voice when you sang this afternoon."

"You heard me?!" Erika stammered in disbelief. She was so sure he wouldn't be there after their last encounter, "I didn't think you would come back. Not after the guilt you showed."

"I went with my master. Yet I was drawn to you. As you cried, I wanted to hold you to me." Moriarty smiled at her. "I still do."

He started to come around the table towards her. Erika stood still waiting until he was a good distance away from the door. When he had a table between him and the door, Erika made a dash for the door. As she made it into the room, she turned, closed the door, and clicked the lock into place. A blush crept across her cheeks when she realized her towel hung loose around her body. She walked to her duffel bag and began to pull out the clothes she needed quickly.

Erika's heart leapt into her throat when the door banged. Erika froze as it banged again. Erika began to move much faster knowing that with his strength and size, James would have that door down in a matter of seconds.

Sure enough, just as she tugged on an over sized tee shirt the door banged open, just barely staying on its hinges. Erika turned to see James step through and pin her with a glare. Erika stood her ground as he walked towards her. She refused to give an inch despite the butterflies in her stomach.

James took in the blushing beauty in front of him. He had broken the door in since he wasn't sure of her motives. She could have escaped or got a weapon to use on him. Instead, she stood there in a tee shirt that reached her mid-thighs. Her brown hair was mussed up and perfectly framed her face and deep blue eyes. She seemed unsure of what he was going to do as he got closer. A smirk spread across his lips. He liked her being offkilter for once.

Erika closed her eyes when he reached for her. She hated to admit it but she wasn't sure what he would do to her and for the first time she was honestly scared. When his finger caressed her cheeks, Erika shivered. He was being so gentle that she wanted to cry.

"I won't hurt you." he promised as he leaned closer. "Look at me, Erika."

Erika slowly opened her eyes and fell into his. James seemed to relax as she did. He continued, "Please tell me how I know you."

Erika whispered the first thing she could think to say, "I love you, Professor James Moriarty. And once you loved me."

Moriarty closed his eyes in pain at the sound of his full name coming off her lips. Something in his head temporarily broke free. When he opened his eyes, James remembered everything, but for how long he didn't know. Moving with his normal grace he whirled around and gathered Erika to him. He held her tightly.

"I missed you, my angel, my siren," James whispered into her hair.

Erika smiled into his chest at the pet names he gave her. "I missed you too, professor."

James pulled away and kissed her lips gently tenderly. Erika responded in kind. James pulled back and stared into her eyes. "I don't know how long I have. I want to spend it here with you."

Erika suddenly remembered and remarked excitedly, "James, we know what is controlling you. Fenwick, Holmes, Lestrade and I can help you break free."

His smile faded, "Can you do it before he calls me again?" When she didn't respond, he continued, "Don't give up, my angel. Let's take advantage of the time we do have."

Before Erika could protest, he kissed her again. Erika decided to not fight with him and sank into the kiss as Moriarty picked her up and carried her to the bed.

Culverton tore apart his room. It was here, it had to be. Culverton stood up. He tried to remember where he put that damn remote. It was his only way to bring Moriarty back to him. He knew he should have injected more nano-bots into that man. He was wandering off way too much for Culverton feel comfortable.

Culverton paced his room, thinking to himself. Obviously, Moriarty felt something for that singer, Erika. Culverton wondered why he didn't see it before. He always found Moriarty at the theater or by it. Maybe they were friends or aquiantances. Culverton smiled slyly to himself; he could use Moriarty to lure the singer out of hiding. She disappeared after Moriarty bungled the scouting of the hotel. The only place he saw her was the theater. Maybe Moriarty could lure her out of hiding and by luring her out he could get the detectives to show their hand. Slowly but surely, a plan began to form as Culverton continued to tear apart the warehouse looking for the elusive remote.

Lestrade and Holmes still sat at the kitchen table. Fenwick had just left to return to the hideout. In front of them spread out was all files they had on Culverton Smith and James Moriarty. Sherlock was so sure that they were missing something of interest, a clue that could lead to Smith's main hiding place.

Lestrade sighed as she put down the report she typed up on Smith after she was freed from the hospital. She'd hated that stay; only Holmes and Watson's daily visits made it bearable. Distracted, she reached for the next file, only to bump into Holmes's hand. Beth flashed him an apologetic smile as she pulled her hand away. Holmes just smiled as he grabbed her hand and kissed it. Beth felt a blush creep into her cheeks. Sherlock was never one for public displays of affection, but lately he had been giving her little tokens of affection in front of Watson and the Irregulars. Thankfully they haven't said anything yet.

"Holmes," Lestrade whispered as Holmes began to massage her hand.

"Hmmm?" Holmes murmured as he gazed into her deep blue eyes.

"Why are you....." Lestrade started to say when a crash was heard in the living room.

The two jumped apart, ready to fight. Holmes reached for his cane that he kept by his side. Together they peeked into the living.

Glass was littered everywhere. Holmes noticed the front window was completely smashed. Sitting in the center of the room was a rock with a note attached to it. The two walked towards it. Holmes picked up the rock to find it was covered with a sticky red substance. Lestrade swallowed a scream at the sight of the blood. Holmes walked over to his desk. After a few moments the wording of the note came up on the screen.

As the two read in silence, Lestrade swallowed down the bile in her throat. Shakily she put a hand on Holmes's shoulder. His hand laid on top of his in an assured gesture. After a few moments Sherlock shut off the screen and looked up at Beth, who had gone pale.

"It's not human blood," Holmes stated as he watched, knowing her first thought would be to the poor soul who died so this madman could threaten them.

"I can't believe he picked now to hunt us," Beth cried.

"I agree his timing is a little off. But we should have expected this."

"I guess. He is worse than before. We need to warn Erika."

"Not right now. She is safe right now. He won't find her."

"Sherlock, he is crazy beyond any help now. I hate to say it but I agree with what Moriarty said at the pageant. She can't face him. He'll kill her and do even worse to her."

"Telling Erika will do nothing but give him what he wants. It will distract her enough for him to strike. We need her to concentrate on the cure for Moriarty. When she has him back, then he will keep herself from the Count," Sherlock countered as he pulled Lestrade into a hug. "Besides, I'm more worried about you. You don't have someone with you all the time. Your patrols are done alone and he knows. From now on I'll be with you until we can deal with him without any distraction."

Lestrade sank into Holmes' arms. She knew he was right. She was in more danger than Erika was. Erika would have agreed. Holmes walked her to her room and from there called the Yard. It seemed Ruelle had renewed his pursuit for revenge.

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