Even Across Worlds

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

Ahhhh!!! I just started playing FFX and...it's taken over my mind!!! HELP!!!! Heh. Anyway, I have this really weird idea for a crossover...and since I haven't beat the game yet it'll be kinda, well, based on what I've heard happens and my own gue..er, deductions, yeah, that's the word I was looking for....

Prologue: It Begins

The wind blew lightly across the white sands of the beach, lifting the young woman's sable hair and dropping it. The diminutive figure stared out across the white capped waves of the blue ocean, her expression disconsolate.

Four other figures stood inside a building, looking out at the young woman. Two were female: one a blond teenager and the other older, with raven tresses. The other two were male: a human and a large cat-like creature known as a Ronso. The human had a shock of red hair, and the Ronso was covered in blue fur.

After a few moments of watching the girl on the beach, the teenager spoke up.

"I can't stand this! She's so unhappy. It's not fair." The girl stood up and ran outside before any of the others could protest. The other three looked at each other for a short moment before following. The same thing had gone through their minds.

The young woman, sensing the others were coming, turned around to face them with a forced smile. As she started to call out a greeting, a swirling purple object appeared in between them. The five of them stared at the object, not sure what to make of it. Then the older woman raised her hands and cast a spell on it. A mistake. The object imploded, and the five of them were pulled inside.

Part 1: Introspections

Chapter One

The dark stormclouds blanketed the sky, turning day into twilight. Jagged lances of lightning danced across the clouds every few minutes, followed closely by the booming voice of thunder, singing in cadence with the steady downpour.

Lestrade looked out the window of her office and shivered slightly, tensing every time lightning flashed and thunder crashed. She quickly tore her eyes away and stared down at the unfinished report before her. It was the usual damage report, one she normally would give anything to take her mind off of. But tonight, she wished she could concentrate on it instead of the storm brewing outside.

After a few moments of flinching and losing her place each time, she gave up. A particularly loud thunderclap startled her as she stood up. Shaking her head at herself in disgust, she stomped out of the office and stalked down the corridor.

What she needed was some time at home away from all this. It was just stress, brought on by no vacation time since she started earning it, and worrying too much about what Moriarty's next plan could possibly be, along with the rest of the crime in the city, and.... She shook her head again, this time with a rueful grin. She really did need some vacation. Since today was officially her day off, she could go home and relax, before asking Greyson for the next two weeks off.

She ignored the small voice in the back of her mind telling her she to stop lying to herself.

Chapter Two

The same storm raged over the modest one story house in the poor district, and went mostly unnoticed by the inhabitants who were locked in an angry argument.

"It isn't fair! I've done all my chores and my 'omework! Why can't I go with Wiggins?" The redheaded teenager glared at her parents.

"Deidre, I don't want you hanging around with that trash. I saw you in the Underground, a place noone law-abiding should be, ya?"

Deidre opened her mouth to protest that, then closed it again, seeing the futility. Really, it was impossible to reason with someone so unreasonable. He had to follow the law to the letter. And as for her mother...well, she was completely insensitive. They were both just...grrr!!

"Fine," she replied, "I'll be in my room if you need me." Saying a quick apology in her head for the lie, she turned and marched off to the back of the house and her messy bedroom. She slammed the door behind her and locked it, then climbed out the window into the pouring rain.

Chapter Three

Holmes looked out the window, not seeing the storm, but thinking on what he had just been told by the young woman sitting across from him. Her silent companion still had not said a word, but Holmes could feel his gaze. They reminded him of friends he had once known, and had tried to forget about. After all, it did no good to dwell on the past.

Finally, he turned back to them and shook his head. "I fear, Miss Danfield, that I require more time to think on this. I will be in touch." He winced in his mind at the curt dismissal, but he wanted to get started on this case right away. It had the makings of something interesting.

The young woman hesitated a moment before nodding acquiescence. "I...I'm sorry for taking up your time, Mister Holmes...." Her voice was small and hesitant, just like...Holmes mentally shook his head and forced a smile to his face.

"I will be in touch, Miss Danfield," he assured her.

Her face broke into a smile and stood and walked out, her companion following. Holmes watched them leave.

Eh...like I said, weird...if anybody can sorta tell where I'm going with this...or even if you don't, and want me to continue, tell me.... *shrugs*

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