Fates Intertwined

Part 3

by Mary

Severus Snape had not been in a good mood, to say the least, and when he had found Longbottom in his dungeon, messing with his potions ingredients to make a highly illegal potion, it had made his day. Except that that bungler had messed up once again, and put the Potions Master right back into a foul temper.

It didn't help to finally fall out of the inky darkness that had held him captive for who knows how long and crash into someone. Probably muggles. He scowled as he disentangled himself from the pile and stood to his full height.

"Potter," he hissed, recognizing the unruly black hair, "And Weasley, what a surprise." His tone indicated that it was anything but.

"Who the zed are you?" An angry woman's voice rang out from somewhere in the vicinity behind him.

He whirled around, reaching into his pocket for his wand. Unfortunately, it wasn't there, and he had to somehow come up with an answer for this muggle wearing even stranger clothes than he'd ever seen a muggle wear.

"I am...."

"It's okay, Lestrade," Potter interrupted, "he's an instructor at our school."

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