An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 9

by Joy*Starr

I was hoping to have more, but this is all I've had the chance to write so far.

Joy*Starr backed away from the criminals that were advancing on her. At least, until she heard the splashes her feet made as they began to enter the water. She swallowed. Moriarty spoke to his henchman. "Unfortunately, Fenwick, it appears that someone has stumbled onto us in the midst of a crime." He grimaced and rubbed one of his temples. "Why do these things always insist on happening to me?" He walked forward with long strides that placed him next to Joy*Starr in no time.

"I apologize for the inconvenience, my dear," he said as he took a firm hold of her arm, "but we simply cannot have you running off to alert the police -- or Holmes, for that matter -- to our doings. You’ll just have to come along for the ride. An unwanted inconvenience, but not one that is hard to overcome."

Joy*Starr groaned. "Of course I would land in the one place that would get me into trouble," she muttered. "Why couldn’t I have appeared in Holmes’ flat or something?"

Moriarty glanced at his captive. "What in Heaven’s name do you mean by ‘landed’ and ‘appeared’?"

Joy*Starr looked up at the tall man and smiled weakly. "Oops?" she said lamely.

Moriarty chuckled. "This day gets more interesting by the minute. Do go on, dear." He smiled encouragingly; meanwhile tightening his grip in a way that Joy understood was a threat.

Joy*Starr glared at him through her bangs. "If you insist, I will tell you. Be forewarned, though, that you’ll think I belong in a psychiatric ward afterwards."

Moriarty raised an eyebrow. "Try me," he said dryly. The girl obliged.

"So, if your story is true, you’re from the past, and were apparently sent here after being shocked with a lightning charge?"


Moriarty’s eyes became distant; Joy*Starr could practically see the wheels turning in his head. "Fascinating." Then he looked at her again. "I suppose we really must figure out something to do with you for now; who knows what could happen if we keep you with us?"

With her free hand, Joy*Starr tucked a stray piece of blonde hair behind her ear. ‘Why did I hafta land practically on top of my hero’s arch-nemesis?’ she wondered miserably. At the moment, she was being practically dragged along behind Moriarty, whose long strides forced her to jog in order to keep up -- if it could even be called that. She was still having enough trouble that she tripped every now and then.

When another stumble brought her to her knees, Moriarty was forced to stop long enough for her to get up. He sighed. "The good thing about having a teenage girl for a captive is that she’s not strong enough to put up much of a struggle. The bad thing is that she has trouble keeping up."

Joy got to her feet, panting. "It’s not my fault you have such long legs. And I didn’t ask to stumble onto your stupid plan either. I’d much rather be sightseeing in New London and leaving you to Holmes." She glared at her captor. "And if I’d had a choice in the matter, that’s exactly what I’d be doing!"

Moriarty chuckled in amusement.

‘He’s laughing....?’ Joy*Starr thought, bewildered.

"You are strangely confident for someone in your situation, aren’t you?"

"What else d’you expect me to do?" she snapped. "I was happily typing away at my computer, just getting ready to go upstairs and eat my dinner. Then, as an unpleasant surprise, lightning hits the power lines, surges into the computer, and painfully knocks me out. Next thing I know, I’m on the beach. Not only am I not in my own house anymore, I’m not in my own country, or even in my own century for that matter! And where do I end up? It just so happens that I land right in the path of Sherlock Holmes’ worst enemy. And here I am, a captive. Again, I ask, whadja expect?!"

Any seriousness in the situation dissolved when Joy*Starr’s stomach growled abruptly. Moriarty laughed again. "Sound effects to punctuate your speech. Nice touch, m’dear."

Red with embarrassment, Joy*Starr muttered, "I’m not your dear."

Rather than offending the criminal mastermind, the statement only served to switch Moriarty to a new line of thought. "Ah yes, we have yet to properly introduce ourselves."

While still gripping her arm, Moriarty bowed. "I am Professor James Moriarty. And who might I have the pleasure of addressing?"

Having nothing better to do -- and having blown off her steam for the moment -- Joy*Starr decided to go along with it. Grasping the air as if she were holding the hem of a dress, she pretended to curtsy. "Joy*Starr, at your service."

The man paused. "What sort of a name is that? Is that the style that was used in"

It took Joy*Starr a moment to understand what he meant. "Oh." She laughed at herself. "I see. Um...there’s a certain, uh, message board that I like to post on, see? And Joy*Starr is the screen name that I use."

"Ah. Perhaps it might be easier to address you by the name you were given at birth." "In that case, th’ name’s Allie."

The man nodded. "Much more appropriate."

Fenwick clearing his throat nervously interrupted the ‘introductions’. "Perhapz, Mazter, we ‘ad better be going. Zat ‘Olmez iz sure to being onto us in no time."

"For once, Fenwick, I agree with you. And the matter of our little...’guest’...has yet to be resolved."

Allie rolled her eyes. ‘Guest’ wasn’t exactly the term she had in mind. Then again, she’d heard so many understatements from Moriarty, Holmes, and Lestrade before that one more wasn’t that big a difference.

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