An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 8

by Alicia

Lli blinked.

The Irregulars blinked back at her.

"Heh, heh.. um, 'ello?" Lli put on her Best English Accent (stolen shamelessly from the numerous Brit sitcoms she watches) "Nice day innit...?"

They were not impressed.

"'Oo the 'ell are you?" Deidre narrowed her eyes at the offending girl. "And 'ow did you do that appearin' thing?"

"Oh, well you know, my, uh, Dad, yeah, he's um, an inventor and 'e was foolin' around with instant transportation machinery or some such rot, and I offered to be 'is guinea pig out of pity 'coz 'e don't 'ave any 'elpers or whatever, and I guess sommit went wrong or something, and I ended up 'ere. Sorry. Oh, and my name's Lli. Lli, uh, Adler... yeah...." Mentally Lli slapped herself. Adler? Was she insane? Damn all that Holmesian reading to heck, putting compromising names on her tongue! Especially when she was talking to 22nd century Irregulars! Eep! ... at least the accent/lying business was getting easier. She hoped.

"Really? Gee, this must be so weird for you." Wiggins smiled, pointing to the other Irregulars in turn. "I'm Wiggins, this is Deidre and this is Tennyson. You're in 221b Baker Street."

Lli smiled innocently. ", Baker Street, did'y say? As in Sherlock 'olmes and Watson Baker St.?"

Deidre gave her the Professional Pickpocket Lookover. "Yeah. What's it to you?"

Lli was in Heaven. "They're two of my all-time favourite people. This is bloody brilliant!"

Tennyson gave several beep whurrs. Try as she might Lli couldn't speak Tennyson. Darn cheap-arse people scrimping on voice actors!

"He says nice to meet you and that we should offer you something to drink." Wiggins translated.

"Oh. Nice to meet you, too, Tennyson. I'm all right for drinks, though..." Lli plopped back down on the sofa. "I don't suppose any of you like Lord of the Rings, by any chance?"

Deidre wrinkled her nose. "You mean that really ancient book about short people and a ring?"

Lli's heart broke. "Yes, but it's really much deeper then that. You see...(blah blah blah)"

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