An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 25

by Brittney

"KID!" Brittney exclaimed. She gave her a big hug. They all exchanged greetings with a smile on their faces. Yet another girl from the message board.

"Do you know if anyone else is here, KID?" Maureen asked, hopefully.

KID shook her head. "No. You guys are the first."

They were all about to explain how they'd ended up in New London in the first place, when Mary spied the object in KID's hand. "What's that?" She motioned toward the deerstalker.

"Oh, this?" KID fumbled the hat nervously. "This would be Holmes' cap."

Mary, Maureen, and Brittney gaped in surprise. "You met Holmes!!" They all cried out.

KID laughed at the memory. "Yeah, and I left a very bad impression on him. More specifically, a bad impression on his forehead. I kinda fell on top of him." With that as her beginning, KID retold the events that led up to her situation right now. "So I'm looking for Holmes right now." She ended, definently.

"So are we," chimed Brittney. The three girls once again recited their stories. Finally done with that, Mary surveyed KID.

"Looks like you, too, need new clothes." KId had more than a few rips in her clothing from being falling and being dragged.

Maureen waved the card with the credits on it. "And we have just enough for another new out fit!"

They went into a nearby thrift store and bought KID a more modern outfit. After paying the clerk and walking out of the store, Brittney exclaimed, "Now, off to find Holmes!"

sorry it was short. i meant to write more, but i have to go. Besides, I don't think this will ruin anyone's idea for the next part. And, yes, I am EVIL. Mwhahahaha!!! *Brittney who has been on the computer all day, is still in her pajamas, and has no clue to what she is saying*

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