An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 23

by KID

KID woke up in a lot of pain.

"Ow... Feels like I've been DRAGGED over pavement." She held her hand to the top of her head to take off the tophat, but she felt something different. Instead of the normal smooth feeling, her gloved hand felt a slight roughness.


She took the hat off and tried to focus in the dark. The hat, as far as she could tell, looked worn, but still in very good condition. The inside had the delightful scent of Sandalwood. KID silently squeed at her favorite smell.

The shape was what hit her the hardest. It was domed with two hard brims. The top of the dome had a neatly tied bow, connecting two flap pieces. If she didn't know any better, she sould've sworn it was...

"A... Deerstalker..."

She looked up and looked around her for the second time she has awakened. The room she was in was mostly dark except for this wonderful hole that was right next to her.

'How convenient.'

She scribbled a note and placed it where she was sitting and snuck out of the hole.

"Now to find the owner...."

"Sugoi..." KID looked up in awe. "This is bigger than what I've seen before..."

Just her luck -- as she was looking up in awe, she bumped into three familiar girls.

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