An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 22

by Mary

Chaos exists so that logic and reason can tame it. It smiled to itself. The creation of chaos so that order could reign was an imprecise science and required a tedious control over events. Even the smallest tremor of the earth could eventually topple a tree.

When one thread weaved itself in its own way, all one needed to do was grab hold of the thread and force it back into the pattern.

Since the others were going along nicely, it decided to focus its sole attention on the one that didn't fit the pattern.


Derrick Anderson grumbled to himself as he fought the New London air traffic. In the air or on the ground it was terrible.

He slammed on the air brakes as a hoverhack dropped in from out of nowhere, and cursed. Really, all he wanted to do was go home, eat supper, maybe watch the game and then go to bed. That's all he asked.

*And you should get it.*

He frowned and shook his head. Great. Now he was hearing things. He turned his vehicle around. Maybe a drink at his favorite pub would help.

*You'd be happy if it weren't for her.*

Yeah, he'd be happy if it weren't for her. Zed her. No, wait. What was he thinking?

*If she were dead, you'd be able to do what you wanted.*

Yes. He pulled out the ionizer he kept concealed in a small compartment. It was illegal, but when he had bought it, he had known he'd need it someday. And he was right.


Yes. Sigerson would have to die, or he'd never be happy again.

Mary sighed and sank to the ground after she and Brittney had finished telling of their adventures. Physical exercise really wasn't her thing.

"Yeah, so because of my own stupidity...or weirdness, Brittney and I are in quite a lot of trouble," she said after a minute, "And besides, I'm kinda...afraid Holmes and Lestrade might recognize us. I mean...we were able to know each other on sight, even though we've never met in person so..."

She looked up at the other two and shrugged. "Who knows, maybe that's what this thing that brought us here wants. For us to get into trouble that is. I don't know...." She let her voice trail off as she tried to speak what she was thinking.

"We can see if anyone besides ourselves have been brought here," Maureen suggested, "Before I was brought, I noticed a definite lack of conversation on the message board."

Brittney nodded, "Yeah, maybe with all of us working together we can figure something out."

Mary groaned. "I guess this means more walking and or running. Can we at least find some place to change clothes? I'm sick of this hospital gear, and besides, I stick out like a sore thumb." She looked the other two over. "We all do...."

Lestrade stood discussing her prisoner with the constable in charge of booking. Okay, arguing. So what if the girl was unconscious? She had knocked Holmes over. Besides, she had no DNA on file with the Yard.

Constable Barnes quit arguing abruptly. "No DNA on file?" she asked, "This is the third one today!"

"Really..." Lestrade glanced thoughtfully at the constable. "Where are the other two?"

"Upstairs, being questioned by Inspectors Hawkins and Denvers, and the Chief."

Lestrade started for the elevator, ignoring Barnes' protest. She stepped inside and leaned against the wall as the elevator started for the interrogation floor. This was starting to get interesting. She palmed open her wrist-com and contacted Holmes. Just as his face appeared on the screen, a loud explosion rang in her ear and everything went dark.

Okay, I hope this wasn't too confusing...Since Sigerson is with Moriarty, (at least from what I remember, correct me if I'm wrong) this might bring Joy*Starr into it as well.

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