An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 21

by Alicia

The vidscreen turned on with a buzz. The Irregluars and Lli looked up from their card game expectantly. (Lli taking this oppertunity to shove some cards under the table)

The infamous blonde newsanchor of New London appeared on screen, shuffling her papers.

"This just in." She started. "Explosion occurs outside of New Scotland Yard. More on demand."

"More!" The children scrambled over to the screen.

"Fifteen minutes ago," Came the the blonde's voice over footage of crowds milling outside the Yard as firefighters bots swarmed a blazing wall. "A green civilian hover-lorry crashed into an office building just outside of New Scotland Yard, creating an enormous explosion..." the voice droned on and the camera panned around the wreckage.

"Oh my GOD!" Lli shrieked. "Maureen! ... MARY! BRITTNEY?!" Lli's fellow 21st century companions were barely visible through the crowds. And even though she'd never actually seen them, Lli had no doubts it was them.

"'Oo?" Deidre asked.

"Er... friends o' mine... I didn't know they were in the country... Can... can you take me down to the Yard? Really really quickly?"

"Not in time to find them, they'll be long gone..." Wiggins replied. "But if we go down to the Yard I'm sure you could find out where they're staying."

Lli thought about this... and realised the Yard has a database of all living citizens. She realised she wasn't technically alive. "Eh, no it's... all right. I wouldn't want to bother you. Must tell me the way there, I'll go by m'self."

"You sure?" Tennyson beeped out and Wiggins translated.

"Yeah... yeah, I'm sure. You've been more then 'ospitable."

"Right," Wiggins replied. "Turn left out on the sidewalk, keep walking til you reach the subway cubicle, grab a #22 and take it for seven stops, the grab a #1b untill you get down to the Yard. D'you have any credits on you?"

"Oh, shite." Lli responded.

Deidre laughed. Lli glared. Wiggins dug in his pockets and handed her a couple pieces of plastic.

"Grab a transfer before you get off the 22, 'kay?"

Lli could've hugged him. "Thanks so much!" Waving, she dashed out the door, down the 17 steps, to the left and into the cubicle.

Feeling incredibly proud, she managed to get onto the #22 and get a transfer, without hassle It was only until she had gotten onto the #1b that she realised she was bussing around New London with no ID, no money and no idea of what she was doing.

"Oh, shite...."

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