An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 11

by Alicia

And so it was that Nothing Much Happened...

An hour had passed, 221b Baker St. was stripped bare of all edibles (except the dubious looking orange thing at the back of the fridge), and Lli was just finishing up enlightening the Irregulars about the beauty that is J.R.R. Tolkien. To her delight, Tennyson caught on rather quickly and could pass as a moderate fan by the time she was done with them. (However, Lli despaired for Deidre... maybe if she showed her some pictures of Elijah Wood?)

Personally, Lli couldn't think of a better way to spend an evening... except for the nagging feeling that her science teacher wasn't going to take "I was transported into a futuristic kids' show" as an excuse for not doing her homework.

Lli ignored this feeling, however, and opted for listening to Deidre and Wiggins retell some of their past adventures with Mr. Holmes, Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade. (Lli decided that the Irregulars were much better at storytelling than DIC, because Deidre didn't have any qualms about talking about all the cute things Holmes and Lestrade did around each other.)

However, their war-stories were inerupted by the vid phone in the Hallway. They looked at each other.

"Shouldn't we anwser that?" Lli peered at the machine suspiciously.

"It's not ours," Tennyson beeped out.

"But it could be important!" Deidre replied, slapping the 'on' button.

Greyson's face appeared on screen.

"LESTRA-.... who the hell are you? Where's Lestrade and her bloody expired PI? And the robot? Where in the ruddy blazes are they?"

Wiggins took the reins. "They're at the opera. Watson won tickets. We're, ah, friends of Mr. Holmes. I'm Wiggins and this is--"

"I don't bloody care who you are. Opera! Good LORD! Lunatics are appearing all around the city and they're at the OPERA!" Greyson signed off, still grumbling.

"Well," Deidre huffed. "No wonder the Inspector's such a witch if she works for that zedhead."

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