An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 10

by Brittney

ok, here's the rest of my part. it's basically nothing. Mary, just tell me if I need to fix it.

Two cops came into Brittney's hospital room with an air of importance surrounding them. The first one gave her an evil glare as he spoke. "What's your name?" He demanded, none to nice about it.

"Brittney Sanchez," she replied, a little unsurely.

This officer was blunt also in his questions, and asked her straight out. "Why isn't your DNA on file? Are you a criminal? It's best to tell the truth; you won't get into as much trouble."

"No, I am not a criminal!" she snapped, a bit offended at the question. "I don't know why my DNA isn't on file. I guess you lost it or something." Brittney cursed herself on the last line. She had always been sarcastic, and a bit snobby, even when she was being confronted by the police.

The second officer snarled at her and spoke up. "Tell the truth! Things can get dangerous if you lie."

Brittney was in an utter state of confusion. What was she supposed to say? No matter how far her imagination stretched, she could not think up a story for this one. Brittney knew nothing about the time zone she was in, making it even harder to lie. "I really don't know. I'm not even sure how I got here!"

"You leave me no choice." Both officers walked up to her. Each took a either arm, and dragged her out of the hospital all the way to New Scotland Yard.

Brittney found herself inside a large room with nothing but a table and chairs, Brittney sitting in one of them. There was a little window beside her, but she couldn't see through it sitting down. Police surrounded her, the one directly in front of her asking questions.

"Why isn't your DNA on file?"

"I don't know."

"Are you a criminal?"


"How did you end up in the middle of New London?"

"I don't know. I really don't remember anything." Brittney sighed. What was she going to do? Maybe she should pretend to be crazy. Or maybe she _was_ crazy, and didn't need to pretend at all.

"What is the last thing you remember?" The officer was clearly getting annoyed.

"Falling out of the window."

"And then suddenly you were in the middle of New London, nowhere near New London?"

Brittney gulped. It sounded ridiculous. "Yes."

The policeman rubbed his temples and shut his eyes. With an angry sigh, he got up and left the room, the other officers following. Brittney was all alone, but she could still hear them talking. "This is the second one today! One falls out of the window, and the other... what was it?"

Another man answered. "Car crash. She got into a car crash and woke up here."

The first officer groaned. "It's all crazy!"

Brittney took this opportunity to look around the room. There was that window... Brittney's curiosity drove her to look through. There was another girl in an identical room, sitting in the chair and fumbling with her hands. Brittney gave a gasp of realization as she recognized the girl. "Mary!?"

do you like it? if that needs fixing or something, just tell me, Mary, and I'll change it. i wasn't sure to meet you or not. if you don't want to meet, just say so. hope you like it!

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