Fan Art

Annie Magee: (SKLesMisgirl at

Lestrade as Sailor Uranus
Lestrade as an angel

Cyberwolf: (wolf at

SH22 Wallpaper
Welcome to the 22nd Century wallpaper

Dr. David Watson: (in care of SKLesMisgirl at

Holmes: drawn by David and colored by Annie
Lestrade: drawn by David and colored by Annie

Jacqui Holmes: (sherlockfan at

Pencil sketch of Holmes
At the classy event...Lestrade
Portrait of Liz De Jong's "Liz"
Portrait of TT's "Tessa Moriarty"
Sherlock and Beth get married. Also, the original 924K version.

Julie Meyer: (inspectorjulie02 at

Holmes and Lestrade. Illustration for "I Never Thought It Would End This Way".


Sherlock and Maddison
Memorial to the Columbia Over 1 mb in size.


A Photoshop picture of Beth Lestrade
A Word document picture of Holmes and the same picture as a .jpg.
A Word document with a picture of Lestrade and the same picture as a .jpg.

Liz De Jong:

(corellian_whiskey at
Holmes in black and white and in color

Mary Christmas: (unicorn_76010 at

The latest SH22 merchandise. of the latest SH22 merchandise. Too bad it's been rerouted to the wrong universe.... (Here's a jpeg version. The lettering's hard to make out, though.)
Beth Lestrade as a Child NEW!
Moriarty's Fantasy
Fanart on Mary's homepage.

Maureen: (mobrien at

Mine isn't really fanart -- just coloring stuff in and moving it around. But eh....
"After 2103" cartoon
Deidre as The Christmas Fairy
Holmes with a Santa hat
Millennium cartoon
"Under the Mistletoe"

Michael Klosson: (mbk at

All the Irregulars
All the Irregulars in color
Deidre with hoverboard
Deidre and Wiggins
Lestrade in uniform.
Wiggins and hoverboard

Racheal/MagnaSilverKnight: (crystalina_white at

Bitmap of the offline Crystalina in an SH22nd hat
An important question for SH22 fans.
Moriarty's lost lunch
A new face for Jack in the Box. (A California fast food franchise's mascot. Check out the toy store in BLUE2 to see what he looks like now.)

The characters and concepts of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century belong to DIC, and so do images which appeared on it. Other chars and concepts belong to their creators. All pieces of fan art are copyrighted to their artists and appear here by permission. Anything (like my cut-and-paste/color-ins) that's a mix of the two would hopefully be considered either fair use or parody by the courts. If not, I plan on claiming insanity or some kind of Holmes-worshipper freedom of religion....
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