Everything's Just Ducky

Part 3

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

Sorry it took me so long to get this out. I have no excuses, none whatsoever. It was the Plot Bunnies! Beware! They're taking over...mmph...Please disregard any statement said before.

"Megavolt!" Darkwing cried out as he rushed towards the light.

Beth rolled her eyes again, hurrying after the duck. Where did they come up with these names? She was brought up short by the sight of a rat wearing a yellow rubber suit with bright orange rubber boots and what looked like the prongs of a plug on his head. He had a battery pack on his back. Beth just shook her head.

At about that time, she realized Darkwing was nowhere to be seen. She looked around to see the places he could possibly hide in when a purple cloud of gas suddenly appeared behind the rat.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night," Darkwing's voice rang out, coming from the cloud of gas, "I am the plot bunny that won't let you finish a story, I am Darkwiiiiing Duck!"

Abruptly the gas disappeared and the duck stood holding that odd gun pointed at the rat who had turned around at the first sound of the voice.

"Oh, great," the rat said in a highpitched squeaky voice. Just like a rat, Beth mused. "It's Dipwing Dork, just what I need when I'm trying to free my precious babies from this harsh environment."

Sparks suddenly appeared between the prongs of the rat's hat, and Beth decided to interfere before it got dangerous.

"Excuse me, Mr....Megavolt was it?" Beth asked sweetly, "but what babies are you trying to save?"

The rat turned and looked at her, then did a doubletake. "You..you're human!"

"Right, and you're a rat," she said matter-of-factly, then pointed to Darkwing, "And he's a duck. Now that we've got species sorted out, why don't you answer my question, hmmm?"

"This vile villain has no answers," Darkwing proclaimed.

"Ahh! More alliterations!" Megavolt cried, "So annoying!"

Beth stepped back and sighed. It was obvious logic was *not* going to win out here.

"Ha! Any way I can foil foul, fiendish plans I will try."

"Oh, yeah? Well, eat this, Dorkwing!" Megavolt sent out a bolt of electricity from his fingertips. The duck merely danced aside.

'I am not seeing this,' Beth thought to herself as the two creatures fought. She shook her head when the electric rodent stepped right into the puddle of water that he had been looking directly at. It effectively shorted him out. Then, another strange thing occurred; he disappeared!

"Where did he go?" Darkwing demanded of her.

"How should I know! I only live here," Beth retorted, "Besides, you should be glad he's gone. Now, maybe I can finally get some sle....ahhh!" As she was speaking a vine had wrapped itself around her ankle, and now she was being pulled into one of the dark tunnels of the Underground.

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