Everything's Just Ducky

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

The computers at my job were down today, so I had a lot of time on my hands. I came up with this crossover....

"Darkwing Duck, that daring do-gooder, descends on the night to do daring deeds."

Young Beth Lestrade jerked awake at the sound of the voice. She crawled cautiously from her shelter in New London's underground, and peered around. Nothing, not even the rats, were stirring. She sighed and crawled back inside.

After turning on a handheld light, she pulled out an old, worn book. She lovingly caressed its rough surface before opening it and reading. She would never be able to go back to sleep now, and reading Dr. Watson's journals was a good way to pass the time. They were the only things her parents had left her when they died, and when the family solicitor admonished her to sell them, she refused.

After a few minutes of reading the same sentence over and over, she gave up and put the book back with the rest. Try as she might, she couldn't forget the sound of the voice that had awakened her. It had sounded so close, and yet no one was around. Had she dreamed it? She thought long and hard on what the voice had said, but all she could come up with was that it was alliterative.

A crashing sound interrupted her musings, and she grabbed her handmade weapon. It was the new design for Scotland Yard weaponry, an ionizer so new that it hadn't been produced yet. She had hacked into the Yard's mainframe and downloaded the specs. Then she built it herself. Life in the Underground was tough for an adult, much less a thirteen-year-old, and she had adopted several survival methods, most of which used primitive technology.

She crawled back out of the shelter and made her way towards where the sound had come from. She had pocketed her portable light, but knew the tunnels so well she could find her way in the pitch black.

As she neared the place, she could hear grumbling and cursing. She smiled. Someone had blundered into one of her traps. She walked closer and saw that the intruder was hanging upside down in a net. Who said old-fashioned things were useless?

She shone the light at the net, then dropped it. It landed on the hard concrete with a clatter. She had been expecting a child, or a short adult, but...inside the net was a duck!

"Who...What was that? I'm warning you, evil-doer, I have a black belt in Quack...mmmph...." The duck, in its attempt to show that he was telling the truth, had only succeeded in getting himself tangled in the net more, so that it now tied his beak up.

Beth gathered her wits about her and put on her normal mask of indifference. She picked the light up and sat it on a fallen pillar, then carefully lowered the net to the ground. She began to untangle the duck.

As soon as the duck was free, he leaped backwards and pulled some sort of weapon out. She fired the ionizer, sending out an energy 'lasso' which effectively restrained the duck and forced him to drop the weapon.

"You won't get away with this you...you... You're just a kid!"

Beth rolled her eyes. "I'm thirteen, and while I'm a teenager, I am most certainly not a 'kid'. So, Mister Duck, you can just...." She trailed off at the sound of voices, disturbingly close by. She quickly shut the light off, reset the net, grabbed the duck and pulled him with her behind the fallen pillar.

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