Dire Consequences

Part IX: Happiness is a Warm Ionizer

by Jenny
I had to write this really fast: sorry for its limited length.
Lestrade held the key in her hand, rubbing it with her thumb. Deidre cocked her head sideways in confusion.
"‘Ow did you..." she questioned.
"Holmes, Deidre. Holmes gave it to me."
"You mean when ‘e kissed you, ‘e passed it to you?"
"Yes." Deidre had a sickened look on her face. Lestrade smirked. "Yes, Deidre, through his mouth." She paused, reflecting. "He had horrible breath."
Wiggins laughed. " ‘Ow did ‘e get the key?"
"That is why he was singing," Beth explained. "He got the guards to come down and he stole the key off of them."
"That is why he didn’t want us to sing. He didn’t want us to get attacked by the guards."
"Yeah," Lestrade realized. The pieces were all coming together. "That is also why he was coughing so badly. He was transferring the key between his mouth and hands, so he could talk." It was really quite ingenious.
Lestrade’s face suddenly darkened. She ran over and quickly unlocked the door, gliding her hands down the metal bars. The Irregulars stiffened, realizing the urgency of the situation.
"Where did the guards put Tennyson’s hoverchair wires?" Lestrade immediately asked.
"In the guardroom, down the hall," Wiggins answered. "Same with Watson’s."
"Can you guys fix them?"
"Yes, I think so," Wiggins nodded.
"Go get the wires." Wiggins ran down the hall with the key. They heard the unlocking and opening of a door, shuffling of papers and metal, and then the door shutting. Wiggins' footsteps echoed down the hall, as he returned with a small amount of wires and Lestrade’s ionizer.
He handed Lestrade the ionizer and knelt down next to Tennyson. He separated the wires into two piles, handing one to Deidre. He flipped open a few switches on Tennyson’s hoverchair, and began to adjust the wires. Deidre pulled open a door on Watson’s back and connected the missing wires. Tennyson’s hoverchair lifted off of the ground, with a relieved sound from Tennyson.
Lestrade lovingly stroked her ionizer. It was the only thing completely dependable in her life, and she had missed its security. It gave her authority and superiority to everything. She was back in control.
"Hurry, Deidre," Lestrade warned.
"Almost got it...." Watson jumped to life.
"WATSON!" Lestrade yelled. Watson calmed down, shifting his robotic eyes around the room.
"Where am I?"
"There is no time to explain. Watson, get the kids out of here and call for backup from New Scotland Yard. Tell them that it is urgent! Hurry!"
"Where should I say we are?"
"You figure it out. Use your tracking program. Just get the kids out now."
"Aww, Lestrade, can’t we just.../" Deidre protested.
"No," Lestrade sternly snapped. "Now go!"
Deidre and Wiggins bolted out of the cell and ran out the door, closely followed by Watson’s metallic pounding on the floor and the familiar buzz of a hoverchair.
Lestrade waited for them to disappear down the hall. Taking a deep breath, she ran out of the cell, heading the opposite direction. She turned the corner and saw the familiar glare of sunlight coming through the cracks of a door. The sunlight reflected off the dust slowly twisting through the air.
Lestrade sprinted toward the door. She felt her hands become slippery with sweat on the handle of the ionizer. She had to get Holmes out. Nothing else mattered to her.
She just hoped she wasn’t too late.

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