Dire Consequences

Part III: Road Rage

by Jenny
OK, here is part three. I am stalling right now because I have to go out to dinner with the three most dull people on the continent of North America. I also feel like a loser since I am the only one posting at the moment. Oh well! Oh, someone tell Mary to hurry up with the next part of "Innocence."
Also, there was a show on Wednesday that I wanted to watch but didnít get the chance to. It was called: Wednesday 9:30/8:30 Central (Yes, that was the name). One of my favorite actors is on it and I was wondering if any of you happened to see it. Tell me if it was funny! Thanks, Jenny
Holmes felt a sudden rush of adrenaline as he stepped on the gas. The engines were roaring like a tiger. As he changed gears, he took a quick glance at Lestrade and inwardly guffawed. Priceless, he thought. She looks terrified.
The engineís noise was getting higher and higher until Holmes switched gears again, bringing the noise down a decibel. Holmes kept his hands steady as he followed the speeding hovercar. These men look desperate, Holmes thought, They will try and lose us in the hills. Sure enough, the leading car pulled behind one of the monstrous mounds. The engine began to scream and Holmes changed gears again. The hovercars darted in and out between the hills. Holmes switched into his highest gear. They were now going at full speed.
"Holmes, I am going to kill you...." Lestrade murmured, her voice vibrating. Holmes smirked and kept his eyes on the car ahead. The hovercars were fairly agile and were quickly maneuvering in and out of the gaps. Suddenly, the leading hovercar changed directions. In reaction, Holmes whipped the wheel around. Lestrade grabbed the dashboard and tensely gripped it. Their hovercar fishtailed, barely missing a tree. Holmes dropped a gear and steadied out the path until he was once again trailing the leading hovercar. Lestrade relaxed her fingers on the dashboard.
"Turns on a dime," he remarked jokingly. Lestrade grunted. "Now where on earth are these chaps heading?" Holmes said. He searched the horizon with his grayish-blue eyes. "Hallo, hallo. Whatís this?" A forest had distinctly become visible on the horizon. The hovercars were heading straight for it.
"Holmes, donít follow them into the forest," Lestrade warned.
"Why not?"
"Holmes, you arenít a good driver. Just let them go. They already failed to follow us and they wonít try it again tonight."
"Why, Lestrade, I am appalled." Holmes shifted back to the highest gear. "I thought a romp through the woods would be your cup of tea."
"Not in my new hovercar. Stop!" They were approaching the thick forest. Holmes concentrated and mentally cut a path through the trees. The other car turned on its side so it was flying along the y-axis instead of the x. It entered the forest without rustling the leaves.
Holmes turned Lestradeís hovercar on its side and sped up. "Holmes, donít you even think about it. Donít you dAAAAAAARRREEE!!!" They darted through the trees, keeping the back of the other hovercar visible. The forest wasnít as large as he originally thought, or as thick, so it wasnít impossible to maneuver through. Holmes noticed Lestrade was holding her breath.
Holmes violently jerked the hovercar through the massive trees around him. He hit a small branch, sending leaves everywhere. Lestrade gasped. "My new hovercar! Holmes, if it is scratched, you are dead! Do you know how many credits this costs?" Holmes ignored her statement and kept his eyes glued to the car in front of him.
The sun was getting brighter and brighter. Holmes knew they were leaving the forest. After jerking the car around the final set of trees, Holmes turned the hovercar back on its x-axis, just as the preceding car had done. He heard Lestrade breathe a heavy sigh of relief.
"Holmes, you nearly killed us," she gasped. "Next time, let me drive through the-"
The buzz of an ionizer interrupted her. The suspicious men in the first hovercar were firing at them! Lestrade acted fast and pulled out her own ionizer and took a few potshots. "Holmes, we need to get closer." Holmes, without responding, stepped down on the accelerator and the hovercar inched closer to the first one. They could clearly see the other menís faces. The passenger was firing at them out of the window. He raised his ionizer again and aimed it towards Holmes. Holmes jerked the car to the right as he fired, making the driver miss. Lestrade fired a few more shots, which all missed.
"Bring me up the driverís side." Holmes pulled up on the driverís side of the hovercar. The opposing driver stared into Holmesí eyes as he drove up.
Iíve seen more trustworthy faces on sharks, he thought. Lestrade leaned over Holmes and raised her ionizer, aiming it toward the men.
"Freeze! New Scotland Yard. Stop this vehicle immediately!" she shouted, barely audible over the roaring of the engines. The driver smugly smiled, and slammed on the breaks. Holmes had anticipated his action, and braked at the same time, slamming Lestrade into the glove compartment. The other driver then sped up again, and Holmes mirrored his action, sending Lestrade back into her seat. "Stop it, Holmes. I feel like Iím in a pinball machine!"
They were side to side once more. Holmes suddenly jerked the steering wheel toward the left. He was ramming the other hovercar.
"Holmes, what are you doing?" Holmes knew exactly what he was doing, and rammed the other hovercar again. He corrected his own hovercar, and with one final ram, the other car spun out and exploded, falling to the ground. He had forced the fuel tank to combust. It wasnít a long drop to the ground, so the men had clearly survived. Holmes stopped the hovercar and landed it. He and Lestrade got out, Lestrade aiming her ionizer at the wreckage. "Walk out of the vehicle with your hands above your head."
Two half-burnt scoundrels stumbled out of the car with their hands above their head. They walked slowly away from the burning hovercar and stretched out on the ground, face first. "Do not make any sudden movements or I will be forced to shoot!" Lestrade walked over and pulled out her handcuffs. Holmes walked over to assist, but caught a sharp movement coming from the burning hovercar wreckage.
"Lestrade, duck!" Holmes shouted. He rushed over to push Lestrade out of the way of the unseen third man firing the stun pistol. But Holmes was too late. The man fired and Lestrade fell helplessly to the ground, shocked, and dropped her ionizer.
"Didnít see me in the back seat, didja?" grumbled the third man. Holmes stiffened. "Now it's time for your nap, Mr. ĎOlmes." He aimed the pistol at Holmes, extended his lanky arm, and fired the pistol. Holmes' vision became dark and his knees went weak. He collapsed onto the ground, stunned.

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