Dire Consequences

Part II: On Your Marks

by Jenny
Ok... Here we go.
Lestradeís jaw dropped. "What!" she sternly said.
"He thinks I donít notice him. He thinks that we are taking the scenic route to your flat." Lestrade nearly died in her seat.
"Holmes, let me drive."
"Hands off," Holmes snapped, "I am in complete control."
"Holmes, seriously, move."
"Trust me, Lestrade."
"Zed." She sighed. "So how long until we try and lose him?"
"Lestrade, my dear, we are not going to lose him." Holmes sharply pulled into a narrow, one-way alley.
"Holmes, what are you doing?" she choked. "Weíre trapped! There is no way to lose him now!"
"Precisely." Holmes suddenly pulled the elevation lever, lifting the hovercraft high into the air above the alley. His lips curved up into a mischievous smile.
"Holmes...." The pursuing car pulled into the alley and jerked to a halt. The two men inside looked around inquisitively. They both were wearing incredibly fake-looking black beards and had looks of utter confusion on their faces. They were sitting directly below Lestrade and Holmes. After glancing around, they continued to move through the alley. Holmes then pulled the elevation lever back down and the hovercar lowered to regular height. They were now behind the black-beards.
"We are going to make them lose us," Holmes commented. He then continued out of the alley and began to follow the other hover car.
The other drivers casually continued down their path. When one of them turned around, Holmes chuckled. The other driver had a look of utter desperation and confusion. Even though the scene was funny, Lestrade still wanted to kill Holmes. "Great," she thought, "We finally have a little bit of excitement today, except it involves possible destruction of my new hovercar because of a mistake by a beginning driver."
The two hovercars drove down the street. Holmes turned when they turned, stopped when they stopped, and accelerated when they accelerated, not leaving a distance of more than 15 yards between the two hovercars. The suspicious men started to look desperate. Lestrade just sat there feeling helpless, which to her was a new feeling. "I donít see how this is going to help the situation. We canít follow them forever."
Holmes raised one eyebrow and looked at her. "Why not?"
"Well, some people," she said, "have to go to work later today. But no hurry, just keep your eyes on the road. It looks the driver will make a move soon."
"Look out for that pole."
"Mind the pedestrian."
"Look out for the...."
"Lestrade, would you let me drive!"
"I donít want you to scratch my new hovercar. Ok, look, they are leaving New London." The other car was appearing to exit the city and heading toward the green hills. The first hovercar came to a complete stop and Holmes stopped behind them.
"They are going to make their move...." Lestrade felt tension and dread in her fingers. She wasnít normally scared of high-speed chases, as long as she was driving.
"Why didnít I bring Hercule Poirot back to life? He wouldnít ever do anything like this," Lestrade commented.
"Because, my dear Lestrade," said Holmes as he made the accelerator purr, "Hercule Poirot has the backbone of a chocolate ťclair." The other car stepped on the accelerator and quickly pulled away in a desperate attempt to lose Holmes and Lestrade. Holmes immediately floored the hovercar and the chase began.

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