Dire Consequences

Part XI: Fine

by Jenny
Holmes jerked his head back. He could recognize that voice anywhere: Lestrade. He instantly felt relieved as a smile crept onto his face. Where is she? he thought. The voice came from the crowd, but... ahhh, under the seats. He tried to look for her, but his sight was blurry. The ionizer wound from the night before was still bleeding a little, and was starting to get infected. Holmes was dizzy and knew he had a fever, but none of it mattered. What mattered was getting back to New London. He peered closer and finally saw her shadowy figure kneeling beneath the bleachers.
The crowd paused for a second, absorbing the possible arrival of the Yard. Then, quite suddenly, yelling and chaos exploded among the bleachers as the crime ring began to leave the arena in a quick and disorderly fashion. Holmes silently chuckled as he saw the desperation of the bodyguards grabbing the crime ring bosses and leading them swiftly out of the arena.
Holmes took a quick glance at Moriarty who looked utterly confused. Suddenly, Moriarty squealed at the top of his lungs and his voice echoed through the arena. "STOP! STOP!" The audience didnít even pause. The fear of capture was already nailed into them. The anarchy continued.
When this failed, Moriarty began to jump up and down and wail at the top of his lungs. Holmes couldnít help laughing out loud, as Moriarty began shrieking to the guards, "LOCK THE EXIT DOORS! ITíS A FALSE ALARM! HURRY, BEFORE THEY LEAVE!" He was desperately trying to be heard over the confusion, while still holding the gun pointed straight for Holmes. The guards quickly ran off, leaking out of several exits to trap the alarmed audience who had already diffused from the exits. When the guards left, Holmes saw Lestradeís fuzzy outline slide through the hot metal bars and sprint toward him, pointing the ionizer at Moriarty.
"Why, Lestrade," Moriarty grinned, "What a pleasure to see you here."
"My dear Lestrade, wonít you calm down for a min-"
"DO IT!"
"I really donít think so, my dear. I know you could never shoot me."
"Because all it takes is the pulling of a trigger and your dear Holmes is gone forever." Moriarty slowly began to walk backwards until he was within a yard of Holmes. Holmes glanced at the gun, just inches from his head, and glanced back at Lestrade. His eyes met hers, and he silently communicated a plan.
Lestrade responded with a nod, and raised the ionizer higher. "Moriarty," she began, "I am going to count to ten. If you havenít dropped that gun and put your hands on your head by then, I will blow you back to the 19th century, I swear it." Lestrade paused and glared into Moriartyís eyes, distracting him with her stare.
"One. Two. Three." Moriarty glared back at her. Holmes could sense Moriarty tightly squeezing the handle of the ionizer.
"Four. Five," Lestrade kept her eyes locked with Moriarty.
"Six. Seven-"
Suddenly, Holmes stamped his heel as hard as he could on Moriartyís instep. Moriarty howled in pain as Holmes swung his elbow back and knocked the gun out of his grasp. The revolver landed a few feet from Lestrade and she sidestepped over to quickly pick it up. Holmes then turned to face Moriarty and walked backward toward Lestrade.
"Holmes, here," Lestrade grabbed his wrists and cut through the binding with the ionizer. Holmes kept the revolver pointed at Moriarty until the cuffs fell to the ground. By now, he was feeling dangerously dizzy. He felt the chills creep up his spine and he began to shake.
"Holmes?" Lestrade asked. "You donít look so good. Maybe you should-"
"Lestrade, letís worry about my health some other time."
Lestrade rolled her eyes and then continued the arrest. "Moriarty, put your hands on your head and lay down flat. NOW!"
Moriarty chuckled. "I donít believe I am going to, Lestrade." He laughed again. Lestrade menacingly glared at Moriarty. Holmes even winced at her dangerous glower.
"Moriarty, you rat, kiss the dirt NOW or else I will-"
"You will what, Inspector. Shoot me?"
An ionizer buzzed through the air. Holmes shoved Lestrade to the side and spun around to face a smiling Fenwick, holding a hot ionizer. Holmes quickly shot the revolver, hitting Fenwick in the shoulder. Fenwick groaned and collapsed to the ground.
"Lestrade, are you all right? Lestrade?"
"Iím fine." She came up holding her arm. The ionizer shot had skimmed her shoulder and she was bleeding slightly. "Itís you Iím worried about."
"Lestrade, I'm fine." Everything was beginning to go black and the world began to spin.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, Iím..."
"DONíT YOU MOVE, MORIARTY! I see you there. I...." Holmes couldnít make out the rest of what she was saying. The chills were too bad and the dizziness was taking over.
Suddenly, he heard movement over his shoulder. Holmes turned to see people rushing into the empty arena.
"Lestrade, what? Is?"
"Itís the Yard, donít worry. Thank you, Watson!" she exclaimed.
Holmes breathed a sigh of relief and dropped the revolver. Everything was a complete blur. He felt his knees finally give in and he collapsed to the floor. The last thing he saw was an indistinct Lestrade kneeling over him.

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