Dire Consequences

Part I: Back to Court

by Jenny
Ok... My very first fic.
Don't Laugh. And be gentle. I am foremost a comedy writer: very to the point. So dramatics and suspenseful styles aren't really my niche. Also, I have only seen one episode of the show, so things might be inaccurate. Other than that, I would love some feedback. Thanks, Jenny
Inspector Lestrade ran her hand through her dark hair and relaxed into the seat of the hovercar. She took a deep breath and sighed, happy that the morning was over. She and Sherlock Holmes were returning from an intense trial involving a key member of the infamous New London crime ring. In the 1920ís, this group would have referred to as 'gangsters' or 'the Mob.' She closed her eyes as she contemplated the daysí events.
The man who was on trial, Malone Gentry, was vital to the illegal gambling and substance trafficking into New London. At least he was behind bars... for now. They were only able to indict him for tax evasion, but it was better than nothing. She and Holmes were required to make an appearance in court because of their key role in his capture.
Lestrade glanced at Holmes, whom she had reluctantly permitted to drive the hovercar.
"Iím glad Gentry is behind bars," Lestrade uttered.
Holmes nodded, concentrating on his driving. "I do believe he will be out on parole in a couple of years, however," Holmes replied.
"Yah, I know. At least... WATCH IT!" Holmes had nearly hit another hovercar
"Iím watching it," he mumbled, "donít get your knickers in a twist."
"I canít believe I agreed to let you drive."
"Practice makes perfect, my dear Lestrade."
"In your case, Holmes, I donít think practice can help." Lestrade sat upright in her chair, attempting to be more alert. Although she was regretting her decision to allow him drive, at least she wasnít stuck in that courtroom. The legal discussions were painfully boring, but the worst thing was how little credit she and Holmes would be given. The glory would all go to the top inspectors at New Scotland Yard. However, the Mob would know who was really responsible for putting one of their ringleaders behind bars. Too bad they couldnít just crypnotize Gentry.
"Holmes, do you know why Watson wasnít there?" she asked. Watson was supposed to meet them in court.
"I believe he was running the Irregulars home. They had a little homework trouble this morning. He never informed me on why he never arrived."
"Well, you are lucky I have a hovercar to shuttle you around in."
Lestrade casually glanced behind her hovercar and inhaled sharply. "Oh, no," she whispered. "Holmes, I donít mean to alarm you when you are driving, but I think we are being followed."
"We are," Holmes calmly replied. "That same hovercar has been pursuing us since we left the court."

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