The Dance

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
"The Dance" was sung by Garth Brooks. Um...some of the stuff I sort of took from a few eps, but the very last bit I made up...just to avoid confusion ^_^
The sky was cloudless, and for once free of the haze that usually blanketed the skies above New London. Butterflies and bees flitted here and there in search of the fragrant blossoms that held their nourishment. Birdsong filled the air with its sweet melody, each species' version blending in a sort of harmony. The sun was a bright yellow beacon, shining with benevolence and glory. All in all it was a marvelous spring day.
The glory of the day was lost on the somber procession making its way through New Londonís cemetery, however. The black hearse that led the way was in stark contrast to the cheeriness and brightness. No birds sang, though the bees and butterflies still hovered over flowers. The sun still shone, also, though to the people exiting the hovercars following the solemn vehicle was a harsh glare after the dim light of being indoors for so long.
They all gathered around a black coffin that had been set up on a raised platform, ready to be lowered into the ground at a moment's notice. They all wore black, except for the line of men and women dressed in New Scotland Yard white. These constables and inspectors all had black armbands, signifying their loss. At their head was a portly man with greying hair. They waited for the minister to stop speaking and proceeded with the ceremony.
Watching it all from a slight distance away was a tall man with reddish-blond hair. His face was pensive, as it usually was, but the blue eyes held much grief. He closed them then, as the ceremony concluded and the rest of the people moved forward to pay their final respects. Memories flooded his mind.

Looking back on the memory
of the dance we shared
beneath the stars above

He opened his eyes to find a young womanís bluish-grey eyes peering down at him. Shocked though he was, he still maintained enough composure to answer.
"At your service."
It was the womanís turn to be shocked, though she covered it quickly enough. "Welcome to the 22nd century, Holmes!"

For a moment all the world was right.
How could I have known youíd ever say goodbye

He opened the panel on the robot and stared. He had no way of knowing which wire would turn the thing back on. He gazed back over at the woman lying on the ground. Inspector Lestrade. She intrigued him. His lips twisted slightly as he looked from her to the machine.
"I guess Iíll have to wake the female,"

And now, Iím glad I didnít know,
They way it all would end, the way it all would go.
Our lives are better left to chance;
I could have missed the pain, but Iíd've had to miss
The dance.

He stifled the slight annoyance he felt as Moriarty waltzed over to Lestrade and held out his hand. "Ah, Miss Lestrade. How nice to meet you at last."
Lestrade of course was having none of it. "Stuff it, clonehead. And thatís Inspector Lestrade to you."

Holding you, I held everything.
For a moment, wasnít I the king?

He watched, his heart in his throat, as Lestrade jumped from the balcony. By some miracle she landed on her feet. As she staggered towards him he moved forward and caught her before she fell to the ground.

But if Iíd only known, how the king would fall.
Hey, whoís to say.
You know I might have changed it all

"Lestrade, donít do it."
There was a slight pause on the other end of the communications link, then, "Itís the only way, Holmes."
He stood and watched helplessly as the two hovercraft crashed into each other, resulting in a fiery mess. Moriarty was no longer a factor to worry about. And neither was Lestrade.

And now, Iím glad I didnít know,
The way it all would end, the way it all would go.
Our lives are better left to chance;
I could have missed the pain, but Iíd've had to miss
The dance

The man opened his eyes and made his way to the almost empty temporary shelter set up. The minister smiled at him and moved a little ways off. He walked over to the coffin and lay his hand on it.
"Rest in peace...Beth."

Yes, my life; itís better left to chance;
I could have missed the pain, but Iíd've had to miss
The dance.

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