The Case of the Blown-Up Cottage

Part 4

by Cyberwolf (wolf at
Belated disclaimer: I am merely a poor, unlucky high school student. Harry Potter (or, in this story, Henry Evans) and all elements of his universe belong to the immensely talented JK Rowling. Sherlock Holmes belongs to the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle, and the SH22 universe belongs to DIC. No money is being made off this endeavor. (shoves fistfuls of bills out of sight) And you did not just see endorsement money for my mentioning certain products in the story. Really.
"British Intelligence is stumped as to who or what might have caused it, or even how the bloody thing was done. There are no visible remnants of explosives, no shrapnel, no radiation."
"And they want the Yard to investigate? Isn't that a job for MI5?" asked an officer.
"True, but since they help us in the prevention and detection of particularly serious crime, I guess they think it's alright to ask our help now."
Several people in the room were smirking now. Interagency rivalry was well-established, if not as fierce as the one between their American counterparts the FBI and the CIA. It pleased the Yardies to have British Intelligence asking for help, knowing that it must stick in their craw as bad as when the Yard had to ask for MI5 help.
"Actually," Grayson said, his expression turning somewhat sour, "They were very careful to state they only wanted help, not to give the affair over to us entirely. And they only asked for two specific people."
Lestrade knew to whom he was referring to before he said the names.
"Your reputation is growing," he told Holmes and Lestrade, a bit of gruff, reluctant pride in his voice. "You are to immediately report to King's Cross Station. An agent of MI5 will meet you there, near Platforms 9 and 10. The code-word challenge is 'Flight' and you will answer 'Eagles'." Grayson rolled his eyes. "God save me from Intelligence and their little spy-games."
He looked at the two still standing there. "Well, why are you still here? Get going!"
"Right, Chief," Lestrade answered. She was grinning, as pleased as any Yardie about the oppurtunity to show off a little in front of rival Intelligence.
Henry had fallen asleep on Holmes' shoulder, still sucking busily on his fist. His green eyes opened slightly as he felt himself moved from his comfortable warm sleeping-place to lie flat on his back on a too-soft surface.
Holmes and Lestrade were striding away from Grayson's office, Holmes a little faster than normal, when a piercing shriek announced that Henry had discovered he'd been left alone.
"Holmes!" came Grayson's voice, barely discernible above the din of a crying Henry. "Get back here!"
Poor Holmes.
I guess the cat's out of the bag, right? Toldja the crossover was a little obvious. ^_^ But...there's ADDITIONAL crossover elements coming in a little later on. Just a warning.
I know there's an SH22 ep where they have to work with British Intelligence, but as I have never seen it nor know anything about it, um, just pretend it never happened, okay? So that if my version of MI5 doesn't mesh with the show's, consider it an AU? Please?
What did happen there anyway? And what exactly is Mycroft Holmes' involvement with British Intelligence? Please take pity on my abject ignorance! ;_;
What else...oh yeah, all information on MI5 recently obtained by a quick visit to aforementioned's homepage. In other words, this author's information on MI5 is very limited. I only know what the webpage (and reading loads of Tom Clancy) tells me. So...again, I apologize for inaccuracies.

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