Circumstantial Evidence


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: *joins in on the whining*

Nooo! Make it stop!

No...can't resist...whiny-puppy-imitations...agh!

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: *same whiny tone*_AND_you said you were gonna
: write an epilogue to the untitled
: one...(okay so you said maybe, but it's
: almost the same thing...)

Okaaaaay...something to keep in mind next time I start writing author's notes....

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: I've got a title suggestion for your
: "short H/L ficcie". How about
: "Circumstantial Evidence"?

Hmmm... (ponders) I like! I like!

Deidre: I like that title too.

Wiggins: Hey...that's the fic where we never got speaking parts!

Well, we have sort of elected Deidre as unofficial (or is it unofficial really? Is there any part in the series where she proves H/L-friendly?) matchmaker for our two favorite detectives. And seeing as how Circumstantial Evidence was nothing more than H/L drabble, well....

Deidre: ^_^

Wiggins, Tennyson: -_-;;

: *activate whine*
: So when do we get the next parts of
: "Blown-Up Cottage" and
: "Sherlock Puppy"?

As soon as my muse kicks in. Ohhh, Wolfie!!

Wolfie: (Cyberwolf's currently-on-hiatus muse) What now?

I need more Sherlock Holmes ideas.

Wolfie: Work work work, that's all you ever come to me for. Do you ever drop by to inquire after my health? No!

Fine. How are you?

Wolfie: Horrible, thanks. Look, I'll get back to you on the Sherlock Puppy and the Blown-up Cottage thing, okay? In the meantime, here's something for Circumstantial Evidence.'s awfully small.

Wolfie: Take it or leave it.

Epilogue to Circumstantial Evidence

Holmes leaned against the door as the Irregulars left, closing his eyes in a show of weariness he did not usually indulge in. He'd finally managed to convince the Irregulars about the non-romantic nature of his relationship with the Inspector - well, he had Wiggins and Tennyson, anyway. Deidre...was a harder sell, to borrow an American expression.
Since Watson was at the Yard, there for the night for repairs, Holmes made himself his own dinner - a simple affair of baked beans, toast, and a jar of honey - and then readied for bed. As a seasoned detective who had investigated more burgled homes than he had had birthdays (and considering he'd had 271 birthdays, that was a lot) Holmes had made it a habit to pace his own flat every night before bed, double-checking his bolts and locks.
As he was just finishing locking his front door, he noticed a white corner of some small rectangle sticking out from between the sofa cushions. Curious, he fished it out.
It was the photo.
He deduced immediately that, seeing the angle it had been standing at and that it was near where Deidre had sat, the flatpic must have fallen out of the irrepressible Deidre's pocket.
Thank god. He'd been wondering how to get that away from her.
'Wait. What if she's made copies?'
He resolved to meet up with Lestrade as soon as possible to develop a plan of action to address that distressing complication.
He glanced once more at the picture in his hand. He hadn't looked at it very closely when Deidre was waving it in his face, but now that he had the leisure to....
Huh. It was funny. Not that he'd ever admit it, but...he could sort of kind of slightly almost see why Deidre had gone and made the obviously wrong, totally illogical and utterly impossible conclusion. It almost did look like he and the Inspector were....
Yes, it was...funny.
That's why he found himself smiling quietly as he looked at it. Because he found it funny.
He turned off the lights and went to bed. The picture he left on the coffee table. He'd take care of it tomorrow.

Excerpt from 'Compudroids Weekly'

'...and the newest offering from Canyon Accessories is the Covert Digital Camera attachment. (item code: 450922A) This small, easy-to-install device gets Compudroid Weekly's highest rating. It's the perfect blend of sophistication and ease. It takes up so little memory-space you'd swear it wasn't there. It's small and light so that it leaves a lot of hardware space for even more goodies. It can take pictures of objects that are five-hundred yards away and zoom without loss of resolution (which is, by the way, a whopping 3 gigapixels per inch) up to 5x. Best of all, your subjects won't necessarily know they're being photographed...this is where the Covert part of the name comes into play.
Two thumbs up!'

Compudroids Weekly Order Form

name: Deidre O'Connor
address: 54 Tiall Row, London
item number: 450922A

AN: I really should start my homework now. (sighs) And start studying for my SATs. I'm taking them this November...anyone want to give me hints? ^_^
Oh, notes about the _story_? Why didn't you say so?
(1) Holmes' dinner: what? What's wrong with it? I like having that sort of dinner....
Readers: (sickened look)
(2)Compudroids Weekly: handy little mag. Cost you only 2 credits. Free order form with every issue.
(3) Deidre's address: totally made up. if anyone wants to give me a more realistic one for her...
Wiggins: There Deidre goes, getting more screen-time than us again!
Deidre: When you've got it, you've got it.
(4) I love MSTs. And I love that they're kicking off here again. ^_^ Aw, Maureen, you've got to let the characters get at your stories. I mean, their reactions to Endgame...Empty (especially the hug)...oh diyos ko, and to SURPRISE? Mary I loved your MST of Cinderella (Harry and Ginny in SH22? Fun possibilities galore!) As for me...this will probably be the first fic of my own I'll MST.
...when I get the time. (sighs and glances at her to-do list. Several undone homeworks blink accusingly up at Cyberwolf)
See ya guys soon!
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