The Adventure of the Cat's Eye

Part 9

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Preparations were made for the immediate departure of Merry and Pippin, as each were knights of Rohan and Gondor respectively. Lestrade watched them leave with a heavy heart. Whatever could be going on, that they needed to call in every available soldier, must be bad indeed. She wondered if it had anything to do with her being here, but when she thought about following them, a gentle voice in the back of her mind stayed her.
A few hours later, she sat in Merry's study. She looked over the several maps he had, just as something to keep her busy. She had been sitting for some time when she heard soft voices outside. She crept to the door and placed her ear against it.
"When are we leaving?" Sam's voice asked.
"Tonight," Frodo answered, "We must get to Mirkwood as soon as possible. I have already arranged for the ponies and provisions."
"All right, just let me say goodbye to Rosie, and then I'll be ready."
Lestrade quickly stepped back from the door and ducked beneath the desk as it was opened. Frodo came in and grabbed a couple of the maps, then walked back out. She glared at the door, then grabbed her ionizer. They obviously meant to leave her behind, and this time that voice didn't stop her as she saddled the pony Merry had given her and rode out after them at a safe distance.
Tennyson sat in shock next to Deidre and Wiggins. They had all three been gathered up roughly. They had put up as much of a fight as they could, but had been no match. Now they were in a darkened hovercar being taken to who knew where.
He felt the motion of the vehicle slow, and finally stop. The door opened, and before his eyes could adjust to the sudden light, he was pulled from his hoverchair and out of the car, by a man whose face he couldn't see. He could hear Deidre's and Wiggins' protests as the same was done to them. Another man tied his wrists and put a blindfold on him. The man who held him started walking, and Tennyson could only hope he didn't suddenly decide to drop him.
It seemed as though they walked for hours before the man finally set him down. Tennyson heard the sound of a door swinging open and the surprised cry of another man.
"I have offered you an exorbitant price for it, Monsieur, and still you do not sell," a voice thick with accent stated, "So I give you a choice. You will give me the Cat's Eye, or these children will die."
There was silence for a moment and then, "Oh? So you do not believe me? Well then, let me prove I do not lie."
Tennyson could hear no more as his hearing aids were taken off. He was then lifted and carried a short distance, where he was set down again. There was nothing else for long minutes, then there was a flash of bright, white light that broke through the blindfold, and then darkness again.
All of a sudden he could hear again, though it was lower than he normally would have, and he didn't feel the weight of the aids on his ears. "Well this is just great," he said out loud. He jumped, no easy feat with his hands tied behind his back and sitting on the ground. How was he talking? It didn't make sense.
He sat there a while thinking. Then he tensed when he heard the sound of hoofbeats coming from behind him.
"Hello," a male voice said cheerfully, "what have we got here?"
Tennyson felt his wrists being untied, and the blindfold was taken off. He blinked to clear his eyes, then realized it was dark out. "H..hello," he answered, looking at the figure that stood beside him. He did a double take. Why this person can't be any taller than I am, he thought.
Another man followed the first, and was even shorter. "Mr. Frodo," the second said, "Is this what came from that bright flash of light?"
"I think so," the first replied, "However, the boy is probably hungry and disoriented. We will question him after we eat."
Tennyson blinked in surprise. Frodo? The Shire? Weren't those fictional names from a book?

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