The Adventure of the Cat's Eye

Part 5

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

"Poor thing, she's got a nasty headwound there."
"Shouldn't she have woken by now?"
"Aye, it's been three days since we found her on the edge of the Old Forest."
Lestrade frowned upon hearing the voices. They had brought her from a wonderful dream that she couldn't quite remember. She opened her eyes to find three oddly dressed individuals staring down at her, and for a moment she thought she must still be at the Fantasy Fair. Then memory came rushing back and she sat up quickly. That was a mistake as she soon realized; her head started to spin, followed by a sharp pain.
"Easy there," the woman to whom the first voice belonged cautioned. "Just lie back and rest. Mr. Merry and Mr. Pippin can question you later." The woman shot the two men standing beside her a glare. "Especially seein' as how they didn't see fit to send for me 'til now."
"Ah, Rosie, we didn't want to cause talk with her sudden appearance," said the taller of the two men, "And you have a family to look after...."
Lestrade didn't hear the rest of what was said. She had immediately done as the woman said. As the three of them talked, or rather, argued, a thought pricked the back of her mind, but she ignored it and gave in to the warm blanket of slumber.
She woke some time later to a room lit only by the warmth of a glowing fire. She lay still for a while, , then slowly sat up. She breathed a sigh of relief when the expected pain and accompanying dizziness didn't manifest themselves. She threw off the blanket and started to get up, but was stopped by the sight of something covering her feet. It looked like fur.
She stared at them in confusion, because it only covered the tops. Then she gasped as what had been nagging her made itself known. She had recognized those names! Merry, Pippin and Rosie all were characters from the Lord of the Rings. She lay back as her mind tried to grasp that concept. How had she come here? It wasn't real, was it? She shook her head in denial, though she knew the truth. That bright flash of light had been the signal of some sort of portal. So, either she had been knocked unconscious and she was dreaming, or this was very real.
She was still having this debate with herself when Rosie came in. The hobbit smiled when she saw Lestrade was awake and walked over to her.
"Hello, how are you feeling?" she asked kindly.
Lestrade smiled and told her she was feeling fine. Or she would have if any sound had come out. She frowned and tried again...still nothing. She put her hands to her throat and looked up at Rosie.
"Oh, you poor dear. You can't speak, can you?"
Lestrade shook her head, perilously close to tears. Then she shoved the desire to cry back and gave in to the anger waiting just beneath. When she got her hands on that Toutarien guy, he'd be sorry he ever heard the name Lestrade. And as for Holmes, well, this was the very last time she ever did a favor for him, no matter how much fun she'd had. As quickly as it came, the anger faded. If this was indeed real, and not a dream, then Holmes was lost out there somewhere. Granted, he was a great detective, but he didn't believe in fantasy. Who knew how he'd react? 'Probably better than I am,' she thought wryly, 'He is rather adaptive.'
Rosie brought her back to attention by asking if she knew her letters. Lestrade nodded eagerly. At least she'd be able to tell them her name. Then, after Rosie left to get something to write with, Lestrade realized she didn't know how they wrote their letters. The language was obviously the same. Then, she decided that whether it was a dream or not, she'd be able to write whatever she needed to. She didn't know how she knew this; she just did.
To her surprise, it was the taller of the two male hobbits that brought the paper and pencil. He introduced himself as Meriadoc Brandybuck, but told her that everyone called him Merry. She could have told him she already knew that; but of course, even if she had her voice, she wasn't going to do something like that. She quickly took the pencil and paper and wrote out her name. Then she wrote that she couldn't remember where she had come from, only that she had woken up here and knew her name.
Merry took the paper from her and frowned, then sighed. "I don't think that is the truth, Beth Lestrade, but it will have to do for now, as you are obviously not going to reveal any more. Besides, Rosie would kill me if I worried you." He grinned then, showing he didn't really mean his next words, "If she weren't married to Sam...."
Lestrade started to smile back, but stopped and only looked at him in confusion. He shook his head still grinning and left the room. Left to her own devices, she stood up and walked over to a mirror. What she saw made her gasp. It wasn't her that was looking back, and yet, it was. The eyes of the person in the mirror were dark blue, and her hair hung in long golden ringlets. Lestrade shook her head. It just had to be a dream, and yet it felt too real to be a dream. She walked back to the bed and lay down, falling into a restless sleep where she dreamed that Holmes didn't remember her and she couldn't tell him who she was, or the mission would fail.

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