The Adventure of the Cat's Eye

Part 14

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Moriarty walked down the long winding corridor of The Eye of Sauron's headquarters. Kesso kept pace with him, and Fenwick walked just behind. He and the scientist would be working with the group. They needed a geneticist and a cryptologist, according to Kesso. It gave him the perfect opportunity to get inside the group and find out what they were up to exactly, then take over.
As they walked, Moriarty wondered what sort of leader ran a group like this, which was more of a cult than a criminal organization. He could probably ask Kesso, and he would have, but he wanted this recruiting to be as authentic as possible. No new members were allowed to know anything about the head of the organization until they faced him. He carefully fingered the gem that he had placed in his pocket after switching it with the one Kesso had given him. One never knew when something like this might come in handy.
Presently, they came before a large door with a red eye painted on it. Fenwick gave a gasp and started to walk backwards. "! It cannot be!" The scientist turned to run, but Kesso caught him up, a gleam in the young man's eye.
"Sorry Professor," he said to Moriarty, "but he's going to give everything away...I'm taking him to the cells below. You go ahead and go inside. If he isn't there, then he will be shortly."
Moriarty nodded and waved them off, Fenwick whimpering something. He turned the handle of the door and walked inside. To his surprise, the office was completely bare of anything, even chairs. The walls were black, and the only light came from a torch. There was no one else. As his eyes adjusted to the dimmer light, he noticed a door at the back of the room. He walked over to it, but there was no handle. An automatic door then. As he thought this, the door began to open, and he backed away.
Moriarty looked at the man who stepped through the door with puzzlement. This door must lead to somewhere below.
"Kesso? I hope you have everything in order, and what are you doing here...?" Moriarty's voice trailed off at the look on the young man's face. It held a knowing and slightly maniacal smile.
"Well, Professor, you are in a fix now. Either you help me to decipher some of these runes, or you will die."
"You are the head of this..." Moriarty began, incredulous at his own blindness. Then anger took over. No one betrayed James Moriarty. "You will pay for this, Kesso Lestrade...ah!"
He doubled over as his entire body seemed to be consumed with pain. This lasted for several minutes, and then whatever had been done to him stopped, and he fell to his knees.
Kesso laughed. "I may not have my full power back as of yet, nor all of my knowledge. However, I have remembered how to cause pain...much pain for those who would defy me." The voice of the young man was deeper, and no longer held any trace of accent. It also, for some reason, terrified Moriarty, and without thinking, he activated the gem in his pocket.
There was a flash of light, and then Moriarty found himself on the ground next to a tree. He took a deep breath and leaned back against it, resting for a moment, before getting shakily to his feet. His mind was in a whirl, as he tried to understand what had just happened.
"Hey! You there!" Moriarty turned sharply at the shout, and nearly fell when a wave of dizziness hit him full force. He was actually glad to see who had done the shouting, and smiled when the girl came running up to him, though she had a fierce expression on her face.
"So," Deidre said, "you're the one behind all of this! I should have known! What have you done with Holmes?"
Moriarty raised an eyebrow, but before he could respond, several other people ran out of the trees and advanced on him. The compudroid companion of Holmes was there and so was the tall black boy. The others Moriarty had never seen before. A tall man with unkempt hair and beard eyed him, but made no move to speak. The other two were barely taller than children, but looked like grown men. They were glowering at him as much as Deidre was.
"I do not think this man could be behind this. He does not feel evil," the tall man said suddenly.
"Not feel evil!" Deidre squeaked in indignation, "Why, he's the most evil thing I've ever known! He steals things! And he's trying to take over the world!"
"You have not known evil, young Deidre," the man said, his face showing a shadow of memory, "And, he may be trying to take over your world, but do you know his reasons?"
Moriarty decided he had had enough. "I would say I've enjoyed speaking with you all, but I haven't." He turned to leave, but was stopped by a sword placed so quickly in his path he hadn't even time to blink.
"You may not be behind this," the man said, a dangerous edge to his voice, "But you do know something of what is going on. Tell us."
Moriarty stared at the young man, but had to look away. Finally, he decided it could do no harm, and told his story, leaving out Kesso's last name.
"I say," Watson said, "how on Earth could he have done something like that?"
"I don't know," Wiggins answered, "But I wish Mister Holmes was here." Deidre agreed with that sentiment.
The other three were looking quite troubled. One of the little ones looked up at the man. "Strider, does this mean what I think it means?"
The man shook his head. " not know. It does mean that great evil has found its way once more to Middle-earth, and now we have none of the Wise to look to for council."
Moriarty frowned. "I have told you what I'm doing here. Now perhaps someone could explain who you are and what these three are doing here? And what you meant by your last statement."
The three strangers looked at each other, then the smallest of the little ones nodded and began an explanation. When he had done, it was dark in the woods, and Moriarty was shaking his head. He had once believed in things like Elves and Goblins, but that was when he was a very young boy, before he had realized that there was no such thing as magic. If there had been, his mother wouldn't have...he quickly shook his head, mentally this time.
"Then, until your reinforcements come, Strider, we shall have to see what can be done. And there is something I forgot to mention. The children and I will have to return to our world for a brief period of time. The gems cannot compensate for the difference in atmosphere. I did not understand at first, but now I think I do. We can come back in the morning."
Strider nodded. "Then do so, but come back before first light."
Moriarty nodded. For the first time in his life, he felt he was doing something worthwhile, something that would make his mother proud of him.
A/n: How do you like that? I've never really considered Moriarty evil, just ambitious. He just needs a little push in the right direction....

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