The Adventure of the Cat's Eye

Part 13A

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Lestrade sighed. They had been traveling for over eight hours since that luncheon on the road. She had never realized how much walking could tire a person out. Of course, this was a slightly different body than her own, so....
Her thoughts were interrupted by a light tap on her shoulder. She looked over and smiled at Tennyson who walked beside her. With her free hand, she motioned for him to say whatever he was going to.
"Well," the boy began, "I was just wondering where you fit into all this. So far, everything has been like this book I read from my world, but I never heard any mention of you. Not that that's a bad thing or anything," he was quick to assure her.
Lestrade sighed again, wondering how she could tell him. Then she remembered her ionizer. It had her ID number plainly on it, and Tennyson knew that as well as anything. Quickly making sure Frodo and Sam were occupied, she started to pull it out from under her cloak. The sound of hooves coming up behind them stopped her, as Frodo turned around. She turned around as well, and gaped when she found herself looking way up at a regular-size snow white horse. She hadn't seen one from this point of view since she was ten years old.
The rider jumped from the horse and Lestrade glared at him. It was Toutarien, almost exactly as she had first seen him at the Faire, except that his cloak and hat were both white. He glanced at her and smiled knowingly, then looked over at Frodo and Sam, then at Tennyson. Something clicked in her mind then, that should have before. Toutarien was a lot like how she had pictured Gandalf.
"Gandalf!" Frodo cried, running to him, "Are you in this mess as well?"
"I fear so, Frodo my lad," Tout...Gandalf stated. He looked over the group once more. "Come. We shall settle in that grove of trees over there, and I shall try to tell you all that I can."

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